God is Bigger

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This cartoon explains how/why God (the white, Christian one) is bigger than the boogeyman, and also Godzilla, the king of the lizards.



He didn't write the words or music for this. He just made the animations. It's from Veggietales, I watch it every day with my nephews. Proof: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=BCg994AA-ug
(delete the space, of course.)

God white???????????

i dont fink god woz white, no one knows wot color he is, only racists fink hes white. dont fink im being extreme here coz i got white people in my family aswell.
i giv u 5 for the effort and humour tho

boinky33 responds:

I'm not trying to debate religion here. The song was written by white christians for primarily white christian children, so that is how they would picture God. Also, learn to spell.


Hillarious. The animatio and graphics aren't the smoothest and most detailed around, but the plot makes up for all the other things it lacks. Absolutly hillarious. Keep up the good work!



God is bigger then the boogyman? NO WAY! This song is good and it was catchey. Good work.

Oh God, Save Me!!!

If God were looking out for me, he would have told me not to watch this movie...

* The lyrics were awful.
* The animation was dreadful.
* The randomness wasn't funny.
* The "dark" side to the comedy wasn't funny.

Just because you threw in gay-haters and Hitler doesn't make you "edgy" or "daring." Anyone who actually think about what's going on in an episode of Family Guy (just in case you don't know the answer, it's the same thing over and over) can tell you that.

Try making something that doesn't require you to write the words to a song, or a script.

boinky33 responds:

Calm down, it isn't my fault your father molested you when you were young.

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Oct 13, 2005
3:06 AM EDT
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