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Milano Toons 017

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Hello there. This is another edition of Milano Toons and I hope you will enjoy them thurowly.

If you're interested in joining the crew, www.MilanoCrew.com If you'd like to send parts for Milano Toons, send your 550x400 24fps .flas to MilanoCrew@gmail.com

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It had a little humor,soem randomness and violent-humor.


Learn to animate please!! This crap makes me angry. Half of animation is the STORY! If you have a crapy story line, like this does, than your animation fails. You're story lines are pointless. A elemntry school kid could think of better plots.


What the hell is this piece of crap? Sorry to be harsh but i would sit though and watch foamy more times than i would watch this!

This was one of the stupidist pieces of shit!

What the hell made you want to make a crappy movie like that?!?! Not to be rude, but that sucked!

Nice one!

I really enjoyed it! Especially the sound on all three submissions was spot on. Sonic & Tails was ok, but not my fave... It's really a toss up between the other two, they rocked out so hard.

Think it might be a good idea to do a SE Milano Toons featuring the missing turtle from the intro. Lots of fun stuff you could do with that. And lets face it you've been getting a lot of request for the 4th turtle lately... I wouldn't ever put him in the intro tho, there's fan service and then there's just taking up the ass...