Orlando's Joint #1

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***Thanks to Newgrounds for the front page spot! And thanks to everyone who voted and commented (yeah, even the ones who didn't like it, as long as they weren't nasty chumps about it...).***
This is the premiere episode (part one of a three-part epic!!)of what I hope to be a semi-regular series, with new episodes showing every month. If you dig it, be sure to check out the website for character bios and other stuff! www.orlandosjoint.com


good thing in amsterdam weed is legal....

i liked it, the graphics and sound were ok, it was funny, so bring on the pt. 2 soon

Ok enough i guess...

The flash was okay enuff but....
D storyline would've been pretty cool if nobody had seen anything like it...nothing out of the ordinary tho'
Oh n 1 more thing, try to reduce the pointless lines in d dialogue it tends 2 bore ppl out,i bet if my screen was blank at d time i could've fallen asleep listening 2 it(i haven't slept for days so dont take it 2 personal)

P.S. >>> Speed up d pace on d next 1

that was somw good shit

the smoke and the stress put the old man to the grave, the strees of the emloppe smoking killed him, damn how is our freind going to get out of this one alive.

way to break stereotypes

Think your flash was missing afro's and white women. Oh and a pimp cane and gold teeth, next time don't foget the gold teeth.

Was moderately funny but I get enough steretypical garbage on the evening news.

D'zam homeboy jus hit da splif and flipped like mad yo'. Swear ta Gezee dat nigga off his rocka fa sho. Omma go shoot some craps, crack and cops now. Stay loose G-funk
<sarcasm off>

That was great!

That was really awesome! I love the animations and voices! My boss reminds me of "bumpy" it is "bumpy" isn't it? I'm too stoned to remember! lol Nah just kiddin, but seriously...that was great!

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3.82 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2005
4:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original