Pilot Crash

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A Guy Walking Gets Squashed By A Plane. Please Vote High, It's Only My First Flash.


HAHAHA! Holy Jesus Christ On A Wheat Thin Cracker.

Total Shit......hahaha!
So Fuckin Pointless i can't help but laugh....

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2 words. THAT'S FUCKING GAY!!!!! (my bad 3)

like the 0 vote says "thats total dogshit" nice idea for peeps who want to blow off steam with a bad vote but come on guys at least make one a little longer so that people get reall pissed from all the wasted time


WOW! this has to be the best example of flash work i've ever seen! All that other stuff sucks compared to it. This had an outstanding sound track, beautiful art and animation, full interactivity, and was funny and violent as anything! keep up the good work!

Can ya feel the sarcasm?

Dude... a little REAL advice

You put very little effort into this: all the images are very stolen, the only animation is in the form of "go from here to here" type, the plane's propeller was animated FOR YOU in the tutorials or some other shiznet, so don't tell me you did this...

<Breath> bring it down a notch.

This is the kind of peice you make for yourself to see if you CAN make flash movies, not the kind you put on Newgrounds to be critiqued by the world. if it had had a plot, if it had had some original art, or even if it had had some degree of interactivity, i would give it a better score, as it is, you get a big, whoppin' X.


wasnt that what i shat out some time ago??
this is a big stinky turd

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1.05 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2000
2:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Original