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slackers trailer

rated 2.74 / 5 stars
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Oct 11, 2005 | 4:38 PM EDT

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Ok everyone about the abusive response. Don't mind that I apologized and its settle the dispute. I was quick to judge the review. And responding like I a complete ass. Please to those that were offened by the Respones me and my colleague are deeply apologeditc. TumbleWeedPro Head CEO.

This is Slackers an online talk show. I'll be releaseing one everymonth after december depending on how it goes with this trailer and The Teaser I'm putting out in 3 weeks. Keep an eye out and please. Vote Fairly. Thank you for your time - TumbleWeedPro Head CEO

Song- AmbienceOutburst-Unleash
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Rated 4 / 5 stars


heh I loved, just improve on Motion, dont u fucking pwn me cause i know where u live!

TumbleWeedPro responds:

Jc-Well Well Well, Jacon, thanks for the review although it wasn't helpful I did enjoy the enthusiasm. Keepem coming.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Uhh... yeah.

It wasn'y really much of an interesting Flash movie. I got bored with this movie real quick.

TumbleWeedPro responds:

Jc-o_O;; It was a Trailer. I wanted to see what people thought about it. You however didn't like it. Or apparently weren't capture by it. So I guess either don't watch the show, or start liking it.


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Well that was the longest intro ever, how where's the show :-\?

TumbleWeedPro responds:

Jc-Well this is a response from Jc. (For all your fucking retards that can decode Jc-) Well Lets start off by saying, this was not an intro. THIS WAS A TRAILER READ THE TITLE ASSHOLE. Also as I stated in the commentary and at the end of the TRAILER the show will be aired this coming winter. I don't normally hit the reviewers like this but you sir deserve it. Jc out.
Crono- First off, I would like to state here and now for anyone who ever watches this TRAILER and/or our up coming show this winter (don't miss it)
my name is Crono, with out an H I'm not time, I did not misspell my name its just Crono. Now as for you Thomas Matthew Rees, good sir I would like to at first thank you for reviewing our TRAILER. I'm not here to insult you, no name calling, no nasty quips. Obivously, you must be haveing problems your whole live with this kind of thing, teachers, friends, "girlfriends".
I'm guessing you didn't read the Title
of the flash. So all I'm going to say is READ THE DAMN TITLE YOU PANTY WASTE LITTLE PANY BANDIT. Befor you open your mouth and shit starts tumbling out. I guess there was a few name callin, but like I said I'm sure you've herd this all your life. -Yours trully Crono.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

This isn't bad

Nice trailer! Maybe you can show all the idoits who upload "paper trails" to newgrounds how to make a real trailer. Just one thing.....
why'd you call him Crono(Chrono)?

TumbleWeedPro responds:

Jc- Thanks for the review and Yes there are a bunch a bull shit "Paper trails" on newgrounds not only that there are a bunch of stupid movies that scroe high and don't deserve the scores.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Looking both good and bad

Ok, first! I think I can say without any kind of doubt that this is the best looking trailer I've ever seen, but it didn't speak to me at all.
You got very unoriginal characters.. I've seen so many of these in the same style it's not funny anymore :(
For example: the mouths and the heads. Try to be orliginal. I know what you must think. (Why is this guy telling me about originality when he makes clock movies)
I know the clocks aren't original but that's an whole other thing.
You're making people cartoons and you need originality, I can't stress that enough.
But other than that it's looking good. You know how to animate and that's the most important thing.
I wish you 2 good luck on the series and I'll be sure to watch EP.1

TumbleWeedPro responds:

Jc- Ok, to start off I'm not going to insult you. Because you did not insult me. But what do you mean by unoriginal? I mean The characters look unique to me. Sure the "Mouths" don't but how can you make a mouth different from many other ones. Given I did stick to a more anime basis, but thats my style. Plus this is just the begining It will change with time. Trust me. I'm glad that your intrested and I hope there are more reviewers like you. THAT AREN'T AS DUMB FUCKED AS Thomas_Matthew_Rees. JC out