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Sida : The Invisible Evil

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Oct 10, 2005 | 8:07 PM EDT

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Author Comments

When evil is invisible. A movie based on true story about a guy called (Sida) who lived in Saudi Arabia back in 1960, with his bizarre and mysterious character.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Aw, that was beautiful, Dakheel! So many people are bullied and ostracized because of how they look. Me included. It's awful. ;<Good message man.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Highjacking top comment to inform everybody about how cancerous Saudi Arabia is.
It's very normal for Saudis to beat and torture innocent migrants to death. Just a while ago Indian maid was beaten to death and was covered up by the police. There have been cases where Indonesian maids have been set on fire and labelled suicide by the police. A few months back, one Filipina woman, Irma Edloy, was raped to death by a Saudi man and once again, the police didn't even bother arresting the Saudi beast. Filipino nurses who attended to the raped domestic worker said they saw blood in her underwear and bruises on her face and body. "She has been there for less than a month, and now she's coming home in a coffin," "But Bello voiced suspicion that Edloy may have been a victim of gang rape because of the extent of the injuries that she suffered. "I suspect that it was not ordinary rape. It might be a gang rape although these are all speculations,” he said." "Edloy had bruises on her body and lacerations on her private parts when brought to the hospital, nurses at the hospital said" She was brought to hospital with various injuries and blood stains on delicate parts of her body. "She has been there for less than a month, and now she's coming home in a coffin. We cannot just brush her death aside, as just another news report".
Torture is also very normal. People might be surprised that Saudis put these transgender women in sacks and beat them with sticks, but torturing is very normal in the country. The police simply don't care. For instance: Indian Muslim maid beaten to death by Saudi couple after months of continuous torture, she even called her parents back in India begging them to save her before she ended up dead. Saudis authorities say she died of "natural causes". Saudi couple not even arrested let alone charged. “Once, I escaped from the home and tried to lodge a complaint with the police station. But the policemen were unresponsive. They told me to go back or face imprisonment. So I went back and they beat me up more,” she rues. Unable to bear the torture, she jumped from the balcony and was injured in the spinal cord. In other words, the Saudi police would imprison the maid if she refused to be tortured by her Saudi employers. Saudi couple hammer 23 heated nails into a Sri Lankan maid because she complained about the heavy workload. The Saudi couple were not charged. Saudi woman brutally mauls her Filipina maid, forces her to eat one of her used sanitary napkins, smashes her head against the wall, tortures her brutally and starves her over months. Saudi woman cuts off the lips of her Indonesian maid, burns her entire body with an iron, mutilates her face and beats her so brutally that she has broken bones, internal bleeding and cannot walk. She was beaten into a coma and was completely traumatized. The Saudi woman was freed of all charges. Saudi woman scalds a Filipina maid's back with boiling hot coffee, disfiguring her entire back, because she did not make the coffee quickly enough. Again, the Saudi woman was not charged “The abuse allegedly inflicted by Wafa al-Khuraifi on Keni binti Carda includes repeated burning with an iron, forced ingestion of feces, psychological abuse and application of household cleaners to open wounds,” says the letter, obtained by the Jakarta Globe. “Mrs. al-Khuraifi also poked Keni’s tongue with a knife, pried her teeth loose and forced them down her throat". The Saudi woman was not charged. Saudi woman hacks off an Indian maid's entire arm with a sword after the maid tried to escape after being tortured and starved by the Saudi employer. The Saudi woman was not charged (Notice how Saudis are never ever charged for their crimes; they have no responsibility for their actions, it's always the migrant's fault, even if they are tortured / raped to death)
Slavery is also pretty normal in Saudi Arabia. The perpetrators are NEVER punished; the only "punishment" for slavery is losing their slave and being forced to pay a bit of compensation for stealing huge chunks of their lives: Sri Lankan maid enslaved for 16 years Maid enslaved for 13 years, owed 60,000 SAR Saudi enslaved a different maid (2016) for 13 years, no payment Lankan Maid enslaved for 15 years Maid enslaved for 10 years, however Because she needed and desired to return to Sri Lanka as quickly as possible, no case ever went to trial and Marie never recovered her back wages from her sponsor. 12 years a slave is nothing for the Saudis... As a redditor below correctly pointed out, Saudi Arabia only banned slavery in 1962 and this was only after coercion by President Kennedy. There are videos on youtube showing Saudis in the 1960s openly selling naked East African slaves in metal chains in slave markets and doing things like groping them and checking their teeth (similar to ISIS treatment of Yazidis). Saudi Arabs Are Still Selling Castrated Black Slaves TODAY Rich Arabs Give Their Children Black Slaves As Birthday Gifts A housemaid is enslaved, used as a sex-slave and gang raped everyday for months by an entire family of Saudi men. One family member even started drugging the Nepali maid so he could rape her more easily. "They raped me whenever they want, whatever time of the day" But high level Saudi government officials would never do this right? Right? (This is only one of the source, google for hundreds more) Basically, a Saudi diplomat, called Majed Hassan Ashoor, who lives in Jeddah, enslaved 2 Nepali housmaids when posted as a diplomat in India and along with over 22 of his Saudi diplomat friends (with diplomatic immunity), they raped, gang-raped, sodomized and sexually tortured 2 Nepali maids every day for over 4 months, ending September 2015. According to another source, it started when Mr. Ashoor asked for a "massage" and then raped the maids with other family members saying "if you show any resistance, we'll kill you and throw you in the sewer". Then the Saudi diplomat invited his diplomat co-workers to join in and it continued over months. Mr Majed Hassan Ashoor passed the maids around to over 20 of his friends who repeatedly gang-raped them. The maids said that sometimes, 7-8 Saudi diplomats raped them at the same time, they anally raped them and they even tortured the maids for their own sexual gratification and they had injuries all over their body. Two independent medical reports after the ordeal stated the maids suffered "brutality" and they had extensive injuries from their rapes and gang-rapes. If you think that's bad enough, all of this happened with the consent of his wife and his daughter, Roza Ashoor, who "knew what was going on". The wife of the Saudi diplomat also tortured and beat the maids, forced them to work 20 hour days and starved them and forced them to feed off scraps. Basically this enormous gang-rape and slave racket happened with the consent of his entire extended family and co-workers. Anyway, on a related note: GENEVA, Nov. 21, 2016 – The UN just elected Saudi Arabia to a 3-year term on its Human Rights Council All of this stuff is normal is Saudi Arabia. Of course, the mainstream media will never highlight this, or only focus on the oppression of the Saudi women, as if the female migrant workers in Saudi Arabia don't even exist, and as if Saudi women aren't some of the most brutal oppressors of (migrant) women on earth. Always remember, things in the US which draw mass condemnation, nationwide protests and frontpage news coverage in all mainstream newspapers and TV channels is an everyday and normal occurrence in Saudi Arabia. They just don't care, the lives of these people are worthless to them.


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nice work

good job
very touching ... keep going

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Good Work

Good Work my brother may God bless ur work


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I cant belive there is a Arabic flash
Good Dramatic Flash
all my 10 stars to you ;)

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