Jot + Jab Episode 4

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Here's the final installment of this old series I made back in 2000! I hope you've enjoyed watching Jot + Jab. If you like this or any of my other films, please visit my site and pick up a DVD! --Dave



thats was a prity nice one but plz can you go back to retarded animals agen they are beter

everything gun.

where can i get one of them "everything guns"...i think that would be so cool to shoot a sheep at someone...or anything else that pops ot of there...love jot and jab!

I like jot and jab

and to all the overzellus rejects....ehem. jot and jab have alwready bin made if U go to (umop) U can see them their.]
Also wanted to say , U droped youre pocket


Dave you are one of my favorite artist! Stop making theze retarded movies and make Retarded Animal Babies instead...Jot+Jab can never be compared to them!

Funny as hell!

Ha ha loved it loved all 4 of them so u made em 5 years ago er? wow not bad u have come a long way from this 2 RAB and no im not going 2 ask when the next ep of RAB is going 2 be it well be here when its here ive read the reviews 4 all of these some ppl just ask when the next RAB coming out i mean asking 4 it not going 2 make it come any faster i waited for 3 months 4 SS7 on NG 2 come out didit keep buging any1 anyway thats it from me plz feel free 2 responed 2 this if u have the time if not thank u 4 bring a great artest and may your cantoons never end :)

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3.77 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2005
6:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Original