Jot + Jab Episode 4

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Here's the final installment of this old series I made back in 2000! I hope you've enjoyed watching Jot + Jab. If you like this or any of my other films, please visit my site and pick up a DVD! --Dave


I hate dumbass reviewers

OK, I know I shouldn't do this, but the guy who just said that the whole thing sucked besides the reporter's boobs must be a lonely faggit. If he gets pleasure of your cartoony drawings of women's breasts. Wow...what a faggit. You should copy and paste this into your reply back to him so that he see's it.

As for your movie! I LOVE THIS SERIES! It's awesome! they are always so funny! I must say that the sound quality lacked a little bit in this one, and I wish you would add more interactivity, but as a whole, this still rocked! Please add like 2-3 more stages where you can choose what happens! It is a genius way to keep your viewers captivated! 5/5!


that news reporter has homongous boobs. thats basically the only good part everything else just sucked.

Great end episode.

This is probably the best one yet,it was pretty long and had much funnier better jokes and i really enjoyed the whole series,excellent job and i hope the new RAB episode comes out soon. =)

rollin on the floor

great conclusion, but maybe you could make up a new story. ME WANT MOOOOORE!

Well done.

This is a well made flash. Small room for improvement but still thumbs up.

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3.77 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2005
6:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Original