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191919:Beautiful Creation

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NOTICE (EDIT): This was made a long time ago. It's short, it's a joke, and I made it in about an hour. Don't expect much.

There seems to be some sort of runs epidemic! :0 Even Masquatto is having problems!

This amazing tale requires you to have Flash Player 8 installed on your browser, as well as a lack of Clock hatred. If you are missing either of these, you should not, under any circumstance, watch or rate this movie.

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An Epic short.

No wonder why it has a score of 4.13!

Masquatto responds:

Yes it's quite an amazing tale.

True story, too.


That was great! i loved when he drilled a hole in his ass (is that what he did? :D)

pure 5 ownage, and a spot in my favorites

Masquatto responds:

:] Thanks for fav.

And yes, that's what he did.


There's some strange collection going on in Newgrounds but this is one is done quite well.

Masquatto responds:

:] Thank you.

oh snap :D

even my good ol' buddeh made a runs cartoon. with robot chicken, and swell animation. *hands you a large wad of cash due to being in love* good graphics, and whatnot, blah blah blah, take more money >:(

Masquatto responds:

:] It'd be so cool to be paid for this stuff.

very good use

good use of robot chicken theme!

Masquatto responds:

Gotta love that show. :D

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4.36 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2005
6:04 PM EDT