Contamination Ep.2

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Update: Please suggest this for the Metal Slug collection! :), this and the rest of the series.

NOTE: WATCH Episode.1 FIRST! or you wont get the story.

News about Ep.3: here's a little info on Episode 3, it will be completely action mainly focusing on Akira and his squad stuck in the jungle.

Hey, finally got around to finishing this. I'm excited on working on the third one. have some great ideas for it.

Also I'm working on a Intro productions logo title thingy so that will be in the beginning in Ep.3

Hope you enjoy it.


Excellent work says me!

Everything's great.

The only thing I'm bitching about is how the character's don't have voices.

But I know it's out of the budget so I'll stop bitching.

Please keep up the great work.

I'm waiting for part 3. Please don't keep me waiting.

must watch part one then

part one it is.


I never saw episode 1, but I sort of understood what was going on. I like the feeling of betrayal Akira expressed, it really set the mood for me. The background detail were awesome too. It felt like everyone was alive as they did own thing, even though they were just background characters. And the sounds that came at the end of movie were great. I would have given you a five for this, but some of the text disappeared a little too quickly for me to read it. But overall, great movie, this is getting through for sure.

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Akira57 responds:

Wow, im glad that my work made this good of an impression to you. thanks for your review!


you know you might think this is mean or unfounded but......

is there a large number of people that are circulating the same fla around and just changing the script here? i mean come on i have seen this same action at least a dozen times and i find it quite difficult to believe every one of them just happened to put their movie together the exact same way. these metal slug movies are getting old... not just old but terribly horribly stupidesly old.

nothing new..nothing special... but thats just my opinion.

happy flashing!!!!

That was great, nice job!

You have a great style, and the movie was well done. I think I saw a few errors but overall i was impressed.
I can't wait to see the next one!

Akira57 responds:

please, let me know about these errors, i'd like to know so i can improve. But yeah I am aware of some sound problems, they were really pissing me off.

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3.62 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2005
1:17 AM EDT
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