Lesson of Passion: ESD XT

October 9, 2005 –
May 13, 2011
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UPDATE: 07-02-06 10:50
Lesson of Passion 2: Black Edition is coming!

UPDATE: 17-12-05 02:05
We may all say "Big thank you!" to Seph Deathstorm, who has created FAQ.

UPDATE: 10-10-05 22:11
Following your suggestions I've included help module and decrease difficulty level.
I think it should slightly increase game play.

Lesson of Passion: Erotic Sim Date
Erotic sim date featuring Arie Giovanni

You are a young student, who want to seduce a beatiful biology teacher (Arie Giovanni).

RPG elements:
- stats (strenght, knowledge, charm and potence)
- evolve - get higher skills, get better job, earn more
- buy stuff for personal use and as a gifts for your girlfriend
- educate - write exams and don't get expeled
- live driven by passion - invite your girlfriend on dates, make erotic photo sessions and have a sex


awesome game dude


I recommend starting out with high intelligence and strength. Strength will get you the highest paying job. You need high intelligence to pass the exams every other week and stay in the game.
It definitely takes strategy to win this game. The things I don't like are the grammar/spelling - it's atrocious haha. Also, the "teacher" looks like a Russian prostitute. There are much prettier women out there.
Here's some tips for her questions :)
favorite author is S. King
Afraid of Suspense
Likes to read in the park
Owns 223 books

Movies: Romantic, Loves Twilight Zone
favorite actor is George Clooney

Music: Loves the 80's, hates modern rap and techno
Used to play piano

Played tennis when she was 12
Broke her leg skiing
Favorite is volleyball

Herself, etc.:
YOU are her favorite pupil
Hates guys who smoke
Paints when sad
University is second in country
Cames from a small village called Nysko
Likes trips to the outskirts
Collects teddy bears (57)
Phone # 555-123-556

Sex: Every second day shaves, Lost virginity at 14
Likes red silk underwear

The rest is easy to remember - and is also written in another review.

cool game everything about it is awesome

this game rocks!!!

After playing couple of times manage to fuck Arie in day 80 and finished the game in day 89.


# Start with education point 27
# Earn money working as bartender
# Increase your CHARM point
# Don't waste money buying expensive gifts
# Buy the COUCH as soon as possible
# Visit park and chat with Arie until you reach level 5
# Date with Arie more in park and reach to level 7 quickly
# Earn and buy accessories
# increase your Potence, Strength, Charm and Knowledge
# Use your BRAIN in dates

Hope that will be helpful. Thanks :)

It is great but it needs a save button!

-Goerge clooney
-Twilight Zone
-6 years ago broke leg while shieing.
-In fitness club
-favoite is playing volleyball
-used to play tennis when she was age 12.
-hates rap
-likes 80s
-use to play piano
-affraid of horror and suspence reds books in parks.
-has read 223 books?
-reads passion books of Stephen Kings
-likes trips to out skirts.
-collects teddy bears 57 of them?
-loves shopping
-paints when shes sad
-sometimes stay at school after hours
-the university is 2nd in the country
-teaching biology is her life passion
-sometimes likes to drink wine and dance
-loves red silk underware
-Came from a village called NYSKO
-Adores leather suits
-had 12 partners in her life
-loves to play with her pussy in bath
-once made out with a girl, and liked it
-lost her virginity when she was age 14

(Her phone number: 556-123-556)

Its okay because its too hard to fuck the teacher.

that looked like a good comic

i cant get a good kiss in this game do u stop on yellow or red dot beat the LOP games and they were great

Excellent Dating Sim game.

awsome flash

First off, character creation. DO NOT try to create a balanced character as some skills are easier to level up than others.
Instead, I would put every point into charm - this puts you 3 tanning sessions away from one of the high paying jobs. Knowledge is cheap to level, strength is very easy with the weights and potency can be improved without using any time at all - just money, which is easy to get when you almost start off with the highest paying job available.

Onto the game. First things first, earn just enough to buy your charm to 50, than become a salesman. Pay for 2 full days of lessons to get your knowledge up, or you could fail. It is a good idea to put two days in after each test. Buy a sofa, the most important item. Then, save up for all other things. You can level potency as high as you like with a phone without taking more than 30 time - do this when you have the money. Strength needs to be 70 by the end of the game, so put in a few days of training- this is why highstarting charm is important, as it is the hardest to level. Dont waste time on the 1 point activities - the saving in money does not justify the loss of time.

Set aside a few whole days for chatting and gifting her, until you can date. Early on, the 10 xp bonus of outskirts is not worth the extra monet. Stick to park. Answer 5 questions (any more you loose mood) then give a gift then kiss. A good kiss is essential, as it will allow you to take a photo. Photos make the date - if you cannot get to sex/photo sessions, your photos are being taken wrong.
Move the camera around until a green light appears next to the viewscreen. The hold down click until the little grey bar is full. This will give mood a big boost letting you move on tp the next stage.

TO COMPLETE THE GAME, POTENCY MUST BE VERY HIGH (you will otherwise fail the last encounter)

If she is talking to you, avoid obvious dickhead lines, or she'll kick you. When you need to do something onscreen, look for icnons. Lips appear, do a well-timed kiss. Hands apper, click and drag across the area until the red circle of dots iis complete. Eventually, you'll get down to the act. Waggle your mouse around over the dick until superclimax happens.

Keep on moving up, eventually you marry her

greatgame and is it my but does the teacher at times remind you ofangilina jolie

i give you a 10/10

the second one was better so i think they should make a third one and make it like the second one but with more girls

it was really good, but maybe you could include a save option

Really nice,i finished it,but what do you mean with "one of possibles happy endings"
There's another happy ending?:)

Game was fun but omfg I did everything and couldnt get her on the dates i took the bitch on the most expensive date gave her the most expensive gift only let me give her one. I answered all her questions right and asked for picture she declined, tried again but this time no picture and sex wasnt an option i kept lvling up the relationship but nothing happened i think the game is rigged imo

It's a good game, but jesus fucking christ.
I've played in like 8 times now and still haven't won.
I just want to fuck! Why is this so hard?

very very gud but does any1 know any glitches??

for the guy asking about the pictures you want to kiss her after you give her the gift so you can take the picture

Critisism:_This WALKTHROUGH will help when you date Aria Giovanni. Has all of her information and will help you and make her date "Not Boring" This Game is the most realistic game OF ALL TIME!!Note when you use this walkthrough use it when you are on a date and you will figure it out quik, basicaly matching.

-Goerge clooney
-Twilight Zone

-6 years ago broke leg while shieing.
-In fitness club
-favoite is playing volleyball
-used to play tennis when she was age 12.

-hates rap
-likes 80s
-use to play piano

-affraid of horror and suspence reds books in parks.
-has read 223 books?
-reads passion books of Stephen Kings

-likes trips to out skirts.
-collects teddy bears 57 of them?
-loves shopping
-paints when shes sad

-sometimes stay at school after hours
-the university is 2nd in the country
-teaching biology is her life passion

-sometimes likes to drink wine and dance
-loves red silk underware
-Came from a village called NYSKO

-Adores leather suits
-had 12 partners in her life
-loves to play with her pussy in bath
-once made out with a girl, and liked it
-lost her virginity when she was age 14

(Her phone number: 556-123-556)

i give her a gift and i anser her questions but it won't even let me take her picture even after it says that i can now take her pic... will someone help me please

Add another story line so as to make it a more difficult path to decide.


A dating sim with a real woman was a real pleasure, all of you cant miss the sequel, is BETTER!!!

its a preety fun game good work
is there gana b anther 1 lik this??

at least, i think i beat it... idk, i got to the part where it says Showdown (after having sex on the cruise w/o messing up lol) and she says "Fine, you will remember this night for the end of you days. Today you could do with me whatever you like- I will be your private toy ;) " and for me to respond it has "You are kidding, right?" but when I click on it, nothing happens. The button depresses but the screen doesn't change. I'm assuming that means I win. Now I can finally move on to LOP2 Black Edition!!!

I think one of the biggest pluses this game as over other games of this type are the real images. Oh and the interactive sex scene are nice as well.

Little touches such as the lottery ticekt and stuff also add a lot to this. I didn't buy the magzine much since it seemed like earning oney and getting the sex toys earned you so much more endruance.

But yeah I've played this several times and it still good.

I haven't fully explored the second version, but I'll be sure to in the future some time.

I Played this game on another adult game site last year, and it was brill.
But it won`t seem to load for me now on this site
Only thing I didn`t like was no matter how I played it, I got the same ending ;
Happily Married," with a message to say it was one of the happy endings.
Are there more HAPPY endings ?

Pretty good game though hard. Most of the time I get to Level 7 on only the 60-70th day (When you're at level 7 you can do everything that was unlocked to your teacher) but the sex scenes are kind of hard. Especially if you rush. Timing is an important part in this game. At least money is easy to get if you're a car salesman or an aerobics instructor. But focusing on getting the 50 charisma for a car salesman is better in my opinion than getting 50 strength for the instructor as you need charisma or your "girlfriend" won't even talk to you. Anyways great game but it would be a lot easier if the sex scenes weren't so hard.

It's a fun game but a little hard. Good job on it.

too hard for me, i keep getting expelled, can't keep all the stats up, fun anyway

I've played this game so many times and it's just so great...Very easy if you work as photographer or a car dealer..That girl is hot hot hooooot if u have erotic photo session and sexxD!!

gr8 game i say its easy coz i beat it on my first try. really good game. great game even without the porn. porn is just motivation:P

I was so close! I was on day 99 and I almst had it! But then I couldnt undress her, dang it, then I didnt have enough money to ask for another date, so i messed up badly...nooooooo
It's very challenging and very well made, should make it a bit easier though!

ok this game is great but make it easyer i need a money cheat or a stat cheat come on ive played it like 10 times and i still havent beat it help me out

It's all what I'm want in date-sim!

With the greatest of respect this game is well thought and presented. However i feel it was to complex, maybe if you had a easier difficulty level with limited nudity. That would warm people up into the game.

Good effort though bro, i know how long these things take to make (and perfect)

it is indeed challenging but at the end it's worth the success. i give two thumbs way up.

i completely hate this game, its too much work for something you can get on the same site

Just wanted to give a thumbs up to this. It's a great game with an amazing challenge to it. Great job!

is there a walkthrough for this game?

It's very challenging, but it is also very rewarding. I loved it!

This Game Rulz!! One of the Best RPGs i've ever played

it's a very good game whit loots of good ideas
but how about making a no time limit mode?? for those (like me) who like to play sim date games as long as they like

i like sim games because i dont have a relationship oriented life ne more

i prefer the lop2 but this one is cool to!
nice game!

The game is really cool, well thought and all that, but the faq you were talking about doesn't exist, and besides, i can't end the game.

Because i would really like to see the Sex Scenes

its kinda hard 4 me2 play but it's woth it!

I finally did it... I had the Marraige scene its so easy

Fucking camera doesn't raise her mood at all and I can never have sex with her 2 is much funner but even harder to have sex with the girl. FAQ no WORKY.

I had fun with this game. It was a little slow at start, due to lack of money and slaary from jobs, but slowly it got better. Good fun for anyone and Aria is so hot...

I tried to check out the FAQ that was created by Seph Deathstorm but the link was dead. The file was supposedly located at:

<a href="http://www.lessonofpassion.com/faq.htm">http://www.lessonofpassion.com/faq.ht m</a>

I thought maybe it might give me a few more insights to the game.

Keep up the good work. I'm off to check out LOP:2 BE

This game was hard. Definitely. However, the greatest part, the interactivity of it overcame all of that. Hands down the best dating-sim on NG. I also played the 2nd one, which I didn't like as much, but still a very solid game. Please, PLEASE make more of these (it's nice to see a REAL naked chick instead of a drawing once in a while). My ONLY complaint is that once you get the hang of it, the whole process of getting her is too easy (less than 50 days easy). Oh yea, and the fact that whenever you're "doing" her, she's not moving at all. Perhaps have the chick be a porn star that has done porn videos, not just pictures? So that when we control the penis going in and out, there's some sort of reaction from the chick. Kind of creeped me out when she was blowing me with her teeth together. Ouch!

took ages to complete

at the end, why cant i press anything? i got 2 options but i cant press :(

This is a groundbreaking flash in the dating sims department. Very erotic, and a lot better than your second. This really couldn't be much better, unless there were cheat codes, but that would ruin the whole magic wouldn't it? (P.S. This should be a lot higher than pico date sim)

Heck good !
First time I see a dating simulation with a real girl on it (of course it's only pics but whatever)
Only thing I would regret is that damnedly long time for finishing it.
However I prefer long dating sims to short ones.

when taking her picture wait intill you see a green light on the camera then take, also this game take way too long for the end result.

Is this game possible to win ? had all stats above 70 , exp above 11,000 , expelled last day. And still can't get past sex questions ?
Is this game possible to win ?

This is a great game! That one dude is right, the simulaters with real people are much better then with anime people. Please post when the second one is coming out and make many many more!

It took me three times to beat the game. I had trouble taking photos at first, but quickly got the hang of it while playing through it. It felt great to actually be challenged by a game like this one, since it makes the reward all the more sweeter.

The ending is definitely rewarding (especially for all you pervs out there), and it was a nice change to date a real woman for once instead of an anime one. Raising stats took a while, but they paid off quite well. Play it, don't get discouraged the first time around, and the game will soak up 2 hours of your time.

It's to bad that not all dating sims are this rewarding. I love this game. Here's where I put the points:
1. Graphics- 10 you date a REAL chick! how cool is that, eh?
2. Style- 10 The sex and kissin and photo shoots....amazin
3. Sound- 0 Sound? what sound?
4. VIolence- 0 Violence? what violence?
5. Interactivity- 10 You control the kissin the licking the rubbina nd the fuckin. How cool is that, eh?
6. Humor- 10 I was amazed and amused at how well the sex was done.
Overall- 10 It's a good game with a bunch of replay value, but if you make one mistake, you have to start over once you discover something to help make it easier. I love this game. 10/10 5 stars

This is a sweet game, it gets pretty easy once you play it a few times to figure out what to do, i'll give ya a little hint on how to beat it: at the beginning, put all of your points onto charm, and during the 1st week, boost charm up so you can get the job at the mechanics shop, while doing this, go to school to boost up your knowledge, and talk to the girl to get your exp. up. Get lots of money and buy yourself a couch so you don't lose as much days because of sleep. 2nd week you must get you knowledge up so you don't get expelled.
To gain more exp. and stats.
-buy a weight set
-buy a phone and use it to talk to the girl and buy sex toys to boost your potency.
-buy a camera so you can take pics of her on dates and for exotic photo sessions.
-go to gym and get suntan to boost your charm
-get extra help at school to boost knowledge
-work out at home to boost strength

Get exp. to get job as aerobics instructor to get even more money

while on dates (this only counts for whatever levels you are at)
-ask her a couple Questions
-Give her a gift
-finish the Questions
-kiss her
-take her photo

Doing all this at top notch will get you lots of exp. and maybe even erotic photo shoots and sex.

when you get to the sex part, your on your own for that one, you Mac Daddy you.

At the end, she'll ask if your a real man, you are only a real man if you have all of your stats up and above 70 each.

Good luck and i hope this info helps you.

It's average style, but WAY too difficult.

it was fun and she is reaaaally hot but it took to long and its hard

If you've played SimGirl, you already know what this is about. However you'll feel LESS guilty playing it because the main babe is actually a REAL porn star, and not some fugly anime broad. So go ahead, masturbate away! I will admit though...the hentai in the background the whole time did catch me adrift...

But I digress. Same dead-end job, same faux-pas RPG elements, same date stuff. Same fucking game. (Talk, give, kiss, take pic, fuck. I hope everyone realizes that all dates DO NOT follow this sequence. So do not try at home.) If you are expecting anything new, forget about it. The only thing you need to be concerned with is upping your knowledge and charm, and to hell with everything else. It gets an A for effort, but a big fat F for originality.

I don't know the creator's originality, but it is obviously not english. "Have a sex"? I lol'd when i should've been getting t3h l00b ready. This game sports some of the most butchered Engrish I've ever seen. However the beginning part where you talk to her is odd...the first day, I wanted to speak to her about books and that bitch had the nerve to call me "rude". WTF bitch I was only asking you what your favorite hentai was, damn. The whole kissing-alignment thing (which takes longer to explain than you'll care to try out) is unncessary, and it takes you forever to find out where to point the camera. For the sake of simplicity, those elements should've just been taken out.

But I gotta give credit where it is due. The game is compact, straight-forward, and to the point. Unfortunately it'll take you about 80 days to figure out that point, and even still it's just the same Aria Giovanni pr0n you can look up on Google in less than 5 minutes. No long animated bullshit, and you can cover days worth of activity in a few short clicks.

So unless you have a major crush on a teacher and like to pretend she's A.G., there's really no reason to spend more than 20 minutes on this game.

Hey are there any cheats for this if so send me an email.

Has a few bugs. Overall not bad, a 9er.

its pretty good cept the first time i played, went and did lottery and got 100,000 dollars so beat game in 48 days, over 100 in all skills, and over 80 thousand still, but still good game

You need to click-and-drag over the area where the hand cursor pops up. Read the help menu carefully, and test out your skills on the "cheap" dates before going for the expensive ones.

I'm at the have sex part. now what do i do with the red hand. I dont see any dots for the hot spot. Am I missing somthong? otherwise so far its a good game

I love this game but I haven't even beaten it cause the game is so hard. My experience is at 8305 and my level with her is 7 yet I can't even get pass the first date I haven't even got a picture of a kiss from her the date is too hard and the gifts do absolutly nothing. how are you suppose to beat this game.

Very good game, its harder than the LOP2 ill tell you that, but overall its a very good game

The last time I played the game, I had so much sex with Aria that it got boring. On the 80th day, I chose the date on a tropical island option and had sex 3 consecutive times and the game ended there with marriage to Aria as the final conclusion. If you get to this stage you have to have potence around 90 or you won't last it, and the game will end with Aria unsatisfied (this happened the second to last time I played the game). Make sure your strength is at or slightly over 70 when you go on the date on the tropical island. The strategy for the game is fairly straightforward. - increase your charm (start with max charm and everything else 0) by going to the solarium; work in the pub to earn money; as soon as possible buy a sofa to get 100 points on sleep instead of 70; don't waste time masturbating to increase your potence - instead collect a lot of money by working, buy a phone and then call the erotic line and buying the latex pants. Make sure you have enough flowers when you go on date - there is no point buying anything else. Play the lottery when you can - I once got 50,000 dollars and then I didn't have to work anymore!

This game is a bit hard. Not much but a little i only can get up to getting photos on dates then my time runs out. I think we should get a bit more time but oh..well. I enjoyed this game.


it was so hard and fun, after 100 days i had 100+ of all stats and 20k but she still wouldnt "love me" thats everything i got gl.... if u want me to delete the answer tell me
red underwear
books in the park
hate rap and techno
played tennis at 12
favorite is twilight zone
collects teddy bears 57
12 parters
biology life passoin
romantic movies
played piano
broke leg 6 yrs ago sking
fav actor george clooney
hates cigaretts
shaves 2nd day
likes volleyball
likes disco
likes to drink wine and dance
fav write s. king
read 223 books
likes 80's music
paints when sad
hates suspence books

the game is long and fun
the picture are great and it pays off

this game is awsome
it takes a long time
plus it is hard to beat
but it is all worth it
make more

i loved the game but everytime i get to the point on a date where i take out the camera i cant get it to work either explain better how to use the camera or i think it doesn t work for a mac or my version of lfash, fix it pleaser

i like the game one of the best sim dates, but i just have a question how much finals it got??

this is my fav game on newgrounds!!! i love it all the opinions to fab game keep makin more

too bad no sound, if got sound, it will be great

Actually it takes a while to choose the optimal tactic of gaining money/doing self-development/buying stuff.
I always start with max CHARM. I develope it to over 50 and work as a car-dealer. It seem to give me automatically over 50% of job-experience.

I find the Aria's behaviour quite realistic ;) Touch me here, give me that, watch your step while talking to... ;)

Unfortunatelly I don't know if the game gives the possibility of having a climax together???

This game kept me occupied for a while, it was probably one of the better ones out there.

for those wondering, you need to hold the click on the camera and wait till that little white line to fill up... it tookk me FOREVER to find that out.

enjoyed the second one as well xD good fun. (just needs music)

Sry da say,but it was boring dude....no,really....

best game ever

The Game was Pretty fun but you have to pay close attetion and try preety hard if you want to win it took me 2 tries to get it down

This game was ok untill that teachers started bussen my chopps

I have played the lottory and your odds are way off you win at least every 3 tickets.

this game was fun but the 2nd one is a lot better

The game was fun, took me a few times but it was fun, abit big on the file, but it was fun, just wish it was slightly easier, but it was a great game, and had a neat look to it aswell as the girls lol, anyways fun game...

Make it slightly easier...

A big file but fun game, keep em coming...


great game maybe the best I ever played wanting another with more girls it took me forever to beat it took me at least 6 times to beat would like to know other ending is though

ok i thnik that there is to much optines in 1 screen make the reqiermnts so u can get a good job gosh im sry to say that lol but its jsut yea a lil confuzing i took me 30mins to jsut figer out wat to do lol

I've played this game over and over and over again..
Aria's so sexy.

Although, how much 'I' raise my potence [god, i forgot what word it was] 'I' always cum too soon.
*If I were a guy I would not have been able to write that*

Well, great game, one of the best I've played.. and i've played alot of them..

i love too much aria. Her striptease are relly good.Cool game ur goal is to fuck the sexy aria and too an good scholarship

Great flash

This game is really difficult. I got all the way to the end and then all of a sudden he blew in the middle after all the other times not doing that. The second version is everything this one is and more. There are new women in the game besides Arie and you can even hire call girls. Takes a long time to get the stats up though, but I dont think that is a bad thing. The 2nd version is definitely a 10! wwwlessonofpassioncom it is browser based.

Great game need more women for dates and such. One thing how do visit Nicole at her house I did it once and could never do it again it always says shes away.

this game is ace i loved it, its so much fun and the woman is fuckin hot man :D

the sex at the end could of been better like wen she gives you a blowjob the cock just goes through her face lol this is a better game than gagaru girl but the sex at the end is better on ganaru girl, also there was no sound or was that just with me??
but this is fuckin fab game easy 10/10

Best Yet the only thing missing is an ending movie i mean u just leave off married and have sex once after ur married WTF needs ending BADLY but in other words one of the best i have seen

This was an awesome game! When I beat it it said like one ending revealed. I got the one where we get married. Are there any others? If so I'd like to know how to get them. Oh and is there a second one out yet?

Way better than any other dating sim, this one is ACTUALLY a challenge instead of being easy that you beat in 2 minutes, good job hope the 2nd one is as good as this or even better.

Well I enjoyed playing this game. It's refreshing (different from the hentai dating sims) and has a few nice touches. I for one looking forward for the next one.

Keep up the good work :)

Loved the day by day progression but there was a lack of instructions to certain activities...

Well I got up to day 80 and I was the last stage of doing it with her and all was well when suddleny I CLIMAXED!

Then the game was over and I was reading ur faq and it said to make sure that everything was over 80 and everything was over 80


But over all very good game..
Hoping for more like this in the near future

Has to be the best dating sim i ave ever played

you got to make her happy all the time.

I was at level 6 or 7... had 4000 XP... but on dates, she didn't even want to take a pic !! Someone could tell me why ?

well the game style is great sim dates are heaps fun, but there should be more random to the game, because you can choose a set patha nd the game is way easy, all you really need to do is put all of your stats into charm, go to the bar and socialise till your charm gets enough to work car dealer, get knowledge whenever you can, when you have enoug money you buy a lounge, then a home gym, then work out till you get around 110 strenght, because on the 60th day working as a personal trainer you can get 550 per session, getting xp with her is easy as, all you need to do is click 1 when you talk to her then do 10 the rest of the time, the way i do it, you can have enough money for the whole game by around day 40 and then you dont have to do anything else sept focus on the girl, but at the end you need at least 80 in primary stats and around 300 in endurance cuz ul blow reli easy if you dont, just buy a phone and go to the shop and spend around 40k. easy as. really fun too.

but how go you get the girl to have sex with you

dylan loves background....

I beat this on the 32nd day! can you make a harder one?

I suck at this game. I spend all my time either sleeping or working so I can buy this heffer some shit at the mall. I finally got to level 2. That's it. Just 2. Damnit. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!

Really fun to play but my 100 days ran out because i couldn't increase the bar level on the date. I had 107 S, 111 C, 100 K, and 116 P
I was on level 7 and 4130 experience points and i don't know what went wrong? I took her out on 3 Tropical dates also, but she didn't want to do much, so i had to leave
What went wrong?

This is a decent. I wouldn't say it is perfect because I'm not a porn crazy freak but it is good. A way to start is put all your points on charm, and before the first exam, do these three things: 1. raise charm to 50 so u can take the car dealer job, 2. Raise knowledge a lot, and 3. Buy a camera which can get u a LOT of money in the long run. Hope that helps some people.

Great Game...very challengeing

This is the best dating sim I have played dude I hope to see a sequel in the near future. All 10's for this great game.

Wow, this is one of the best Dating Sims Ever, I loved that it featured Aria, as I just love her, all the system and mechanics were different and original, cant wait for the sequel

good game but i spent all my time trying to raise my levels to 70 that i ran out of time to spend with the girl

really cool and sexy game .(i hope they make another one)

God damn it I suck at these games and they take forever. I probably played this game over a million times trying to beat it and I just couldn't. Finally! After all my practice I made it, I beat it and I feel so triumphant. Yes I know, I'm a straight girl but I find these things very amusing on a skill testing level. This has to be amoungst my favourite dating sims on NewGrounds, great job and make another one! (Hint hint: Make one for the straight girls out there, no one will)

This game is Great. All dating game should be all this. The total aamount of interactivity is unbelievable. Great. Keep it up!!

I really liked it because we can do a lot of things and it 's very different from the others datings sims: you really can be with the girl, which is the goal and not only kiss or shit like that...
and having a real girl in the game makes it very exciting!!

Very well done, music was a little annoying though. Keep up the good work. ;)

this one required a little too much work for my tastes

pretty good


This game is great!
It's adult-like and not some cheapskate animations.

Have fun, and this is a game, don't take stuff too seriously and penetrate yourself.

SPOLIER - Don't look if it hurts your eyes.

But a bit hard if just played. I figured it out a bit.
1. Certain amount of Charm is required to start talking and gaining relaitonship points.
2. Lottery sucks, just like in real life, 1 in a billion chance.
So if you want to make some decent money, put all the points to either Charm or Strength. Those two stats are the only ones can get you good money. It only gives you 40 points, and requirement to make good money for those 2 stats is at least 50, so you need to obtain 10 yourself (I recommend Strength, because it only cause energy point, while charm cost energy and money.)
3. When you have enough decent money, buy stuff, sofa only cost $500, it replenish you 100 energy instead 70 when you sleep. And buy other stuffs.
(I do not find phone useful unless you want to be a secretary. Someone said it's easy to gain relationship by "chat" but it's 10 energy "per" chat, while you could talk directly to the person for 20 energy and get 5 times to talk/gift/date.)
Note: Date should be use last, as in 5th time, so count... don't be lazy.
4. Now, I saw someone said Magazine is not important, that's not true. You need to hold "it" in. the magazine is for practice so you could do good. (I guess that's what the "m" word means.)

If you do things correctly, you should get how this game, it's a lot like other games, except more questions and trick questions. Anyway, play how you want.
By the way,
Fail Exam 2 times = Game Over

I Beaten This Game In 39 Days This Is how I did it,

1) Put All Attributes On Intelligence so its 50.
2)Start off as a Mechanic make $50. Play the lottery Fo seven days to see if you hit Jackpot if you dont start over.
3) When you hit Jackpot Buy A Gym,Camera,phone build your potence in the phone (sex Enhancers) And Buy lots of neckalces and flowers.
4) build all your stats Potence Is the least important until you have sex.
5)Notice on dates flowers has the same effect of Enjoyment then anything else.
6)Begin To interact with whatever her name is give here lots of necklaces, talk on the phone alot possibly days easiest Exp.
7) Sex in the park you cant have sex, During a sex you need to hit the hot spots its a little tricky but wants you get it its very easy MICK you must hit around the desired area's such as around the pussie, right underneath the nipple even her Knee! and there is always a circular pattern. I cant explain further.
8) I hope this helps, Of course there are many ways to beat this game.

i can get her to the tropical island, i can beat the date, but when it is time to have sex, i cant figure out what to do, the little smilie faces just keep om going down, and i red the help thing, but that didnt help at all. i tried like 4 times through already, plz help.

ok people that are having a hard time...

-first put all of your points in knowledge.
-play the lotto for the first week and hope you get lucky with a 10,00 - 50,000 jackpot. if not start over
(you want your points in knowledge so when the test rolls around you are all good.)
-once you have lots of cash buy everything for your house. if you are lucky and hit the 50k jackpot all you have to worry about is raising your stats to 100 and not working.
-buy stuff from the erotic store, dont masterbate, its a waste of time.
-once stats are at 100 start dating your teacher.
-a lot of people complain that they cant get the intrest bar above half. to get it full you have to.
---give a gift
---kiss, make sure to get the moving circle in the yellow dot
---THEN take a picture, find the right spot and HOLD down the mouse button till it fills up. then let go.
-do that until you can finally go to the tropical island.
-get married.
-----when you are "having sex" and she is asking you to do stuff, if you only have one option on the screen she wants you to do something to her body, be it kissing, removing clothes, or licking.

i did all that and it only took me 54 days to finish.

Sure, I admit I've nver passed this fucking game but it's so fucking sexy and so fucking great! You deserves those tens! (Sure, no violence, but who the fucking hell cares!?)

One of the best sim dating games I've played in a long time. It took me a few trys to get the second ending and it was worth it. Would've wiven an over all of 10 but the music was just to irritating.

Please, can someone tell me how to get any of the endings. I always get to the tropical trip, and up to the sex part where she says to lick the wine...then she says you were rude..please, if you can help me email me at cookieprotector(@)hotmail(.)com

My charm was at 217 My potence was 81. I was able to have sex
I took her to the tropical island i answered all the questions right
I gave her a golden necklace i took a photo of her and she still won't give it up you got to help me dude

It could be alot better! (SOUND FUCK)
its gets old fast

Great game, got all 10's from me. It can be improved...

Hey I loved the game. But it said that there was another good ending, but I can't find it. But Still, I loved this game.

very cool game. hard to beat though.

yes yes this game was perfection and the person who made it who ever that is has a lot of potential for this kind of work. I figured out how to score reallly big in tha lotery tho it works for me. in tha box wer it says play lottery go to tha top right hand corner and go clicking crazy but make sure tha mouse hand stays in that same corner eventually ull win lots of money o and if u go way to slow ull always lose so try n go as fast as u can other than that .. wraping up this review ... IT was REallly good . similar to all sim dates but just happens to be 10x better .. Good job on this submission

one of my favorite games ever:)

i love this game n da teacher's hot as hell

this sucks i cant play it it wont load i hate this shit i have played all of the sim dates cept this one. Becouse i cant grrrr. I guess it gets a ten considering the good reviews it got so ya that makes me mad
\ /
o o

Best Sim Date Game I Ever played.

Loved the Sim, being a bit of a perv this appealed to me on many levels.

It took me a fair few attempts to finish, and I loved every attempt. keep up the excellent work.

As i'm a fan there's not much i can offer in the way of constructive critisism, but i had to make my opinions felt.

I really liked this game altough I've only been able to find one happy ending. Also, shouldn't you get expireance bonus for being highest in class? On/off button for music would also be nice.
Great game. Keep up the good work.

Haven't played it since last night, so some of the ratings may not be too accurate but the overall is apprioate.

It took me ages to begin talking to Aria, started growing levels but before I knew it, I was out of time. I think some music and maybe a bit more randomness would help take away some of the 'plainess' of the game.

Concluding, Aria Giovanni is my favorite babe, stumbled upon the game and was in joy and became addicted.

Good solid game.

it's a great game it took me time to beat it. The graphics are pretty good. The interacion during the sex scenes it's good could be better thougth(like give her motion to her legs, face expression something like that) . It 's a good point that the game doesn't have sound, one could play any music depending the scene. One question I never hit any lotto price, that thing works? It would be great you could add some bonus like a scrolling bar to watch the scenes that one liked the most. Also if you could add a saving system. Finally , I would like to know if the marriage ending it's the only one besides of not getting the girl. Congratulations it's was really great to play this game hope you make more games laike this soon.

Real Girl graphics, with full adult content, but also a reasonably demanding dating Sim as well. I like the way salary goes up with experience rather than just with stats. If you are lucky you can do as I did and win $50k on the lottery - It makes it rather a lot easier, but the ending is HARD. (which is as it should be, I like a challenge)

On the downside, the English has a lot of errors, but hey, she's Italian right?

this game is fun. if you fixed up some of the english and grammar, added some sound, and gave the gamer a little more direction i think it could be better. i really had fun with this though. good job!

Best game ever.

What are the two endings?

I got one.

It was good, really good right up untill the end. got to the last part just barely and couldnt get her to bed on the last day try to make it easyer the next time that was bullshit

I did not finish this game. In the game, I flunked my first test, and then about an hour later, after passing a few more tests, I failed again and the gme ended. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was told BY THE GAME that it was two CONSECUTIVE tests. This means I lost all the time I put into the game, and I'm not going to put it back in to finish. This game needs some sort of save-load system, even passwords, especially if you are going to go "GAME OVER! YOU LOSE ALL YOUR TIME, ASSHOLE. RESTART?".

It was also really hard to increase the charm skill, far more difficult than other skills. This makes it much harder to be in a charm-based profession (job). There's only one way to do it, sitting in the pub, 35 charm. So you can only get 2 charm per day, ever. There should be better ways, maybe that you can unlock. Compare to strength training, which for a charge is 3 for 30 time, or when upgrade item is bought, 3 points for 30 time without charge at home. Maybe you could upgrade just by talking to your girlfriend?

At the very least, put in cheat codes for endings so we can see what we missed when we get game over near the end (and see it again later!).

i didnt love it but it was...kinda sorta okay..like KINDA okay oh and you spelled strength wrong..^_^

Omigosh, this freakin' game is boring. When is this dude gonna get to screw the teacher already? Anyways, this game was iight.

I kinda sorta hated this

I love the kissing system; it makes the game more challenging, but there really needs to be more of that sort of thing. You may want to try and randomize the questions she asks. After one time through the game you already know the answers to all the questions. The spelling and grammar also needs major attention. She speaks English like a twelve year old…

10 for the graphics because you only used pictures (Liked the background)
5 for style. You took a dating sim and added a few things.
0 for sound because... there wasn't any.
1 for violence. Not even the sex was that violent.
9 for interactivity. I loved the additions but there could have been more.
2 for humor because being able to dump her at the end was just too funny. XD

hard to read menu interface, not really explained too well how work different things. takes a full playthrough to learn about everything. difficulty level is just slightly higher than the other difficult sim dating games i've played.

some thing's could be changed like have cheat codes more girls and of corse the date meter should start higher after a certan level i think that after level 5 it should show a better start possion like insted of begening at boring as hell it should start near quite well that way it is easyer to win the goal. also puting in her house might be the best way to have sex with her

One if not the best dating sim I have played.Hope you make another one.

All the other date simulator are borring but not this one.
It is more complete than the others.
Some would say that it is too hard. It laies on the fact that it is so easy to fall in the traps, especially when comes the time to increase the stats...
The sexe sequences are very original, I've never seen any of the actions you made in any other dating sim. That is way much bether.

Good work. No one will ever try to make a sim date afther this one!!!

Are there more than two endings? It's a good game, but I'd rather not waste my time playing it 20 times if there are only two endings. I mean it says something that I was able to play it multiple times, but a game is only fun so many plays.

took awhile to figure out controls just listen to ppl before me i could tell yall a secret but it is mine and whoever figures it out ;)

First off, this was a great game. I only had time to get one possible happy ending.

A few things to know before the walkthrough:
xi. Work as the MECHANIC in the beginning.
xii. After STRENGTH is 50+ work as the AEROBICS INSTRUCTOR. ALWAYS work as the AEROBICS INSTRUCTOR after STRENGTH is 50+
xiii. flowers are the ONLY things you need for dates, they don't give SHIT experience when talking to her

Items at the "buy things for home" store:
Sofa - Everytime you sleep from now on, you will always have 100 hp
Phone - Chat, ask Arie on a date, Telemarket, buy items that'll increase your potency
Camera - Enables you to work as a photographer
Training Set - +3 to STRENGTH everytime you workout at home

1. Place all 40 pts into STRENGTH
2. Try and get the $5,000 lotto within the first week (if not, do restart and keep trying until you get it)
*** running low on money? do #xi ***
3. After you've got the $5,000, and still have energy left, go to the mall
4. Enter the "buy things for home" store and buy everything
*** if you do not have enough energy, just sleep and buy it the next day. ***
5. start working out until you have 50+ STRENGTH
6. go to school and GET EXTRA HELP FROM TEACHER, then take THE REGULAR CLASS
*** repeat #6 until you have 79+ knowledge or if you are running low on money, do #xii ***
*** charm must be 76+ ***
8. increase your strenth AT HOME >75
9. once you are able to talk to Arie about "sex" ONLY USE THIS OPTION! (all other options give less exp pts.)
10. make about $5,300 and go to the "I-NET" store at HOME
11. buy LATEX PANTS until your POTENCY is 112+

Strength: 75 - 78
Charm: 76 - 79
Knowledge: 78 - 84
Potency: 109 - 114

12. Start taking Arie on dates and eventually take her to the TROPICAL date.

Answers to Arie:
Fav Actor: George Clooney
Fav TV Show: Twilight Zone
Fav Movie Genre: Romance

Likes: Volleyball
Likes to: Go to the Fitness Club
Broke her leg: Skiing
Used to play: Tennis
Sport at age 12: Tennis

Likes the: 80's
Hates: Techno & Rap
Likes to: Go to the Disco
Used to play: Piano

Reads in: Park
Has: 223 Books (DO NOT MISREAD)
Author: S. King
Affraid of: Horror and Suspense

Has: 57 Teddie Bears
Collects: Teddy Bears
When sad: Paints
Likes trips: Outskirts
Like every woman: Shopping

Fav Pupil: You
2nd place in country
Sometimes Stays after hours
Biology is her: passion

Hates: Men who SMOKE
Loves to: Drink wine and dance
Came from: Nysko

Made it with girl, likes it
# of partners in life: 12
Lost Virginity: Age 14
Shaves pussy: Every second day
Adores: Lether Suits
Loves to: Play with pussy in bath

If i havent covered all of them, sorry. Good Luck!



ok this one is hard... really hard.. but its do-able. great graphics and style. but u have to play like 30 times to get what to do... to help u all out...

1)put all 40 points in strength
2)work as a bartender for money
3)train ur self untill 50 strength
4)work as a fitness trainer
5)get lots of money! lol
6)raise ur strength, charm, and knowledge over 75
7)buy a phone
8)rais ur ... uh i forget the name... thing that makes u cum slower to OVER 110
9)but her flowers (only flowers... does the same thing as the necklace just cheaper.. its a waste)
10)raise 5,000 dollars (not that hard)
12)take her to the tropical date...
13)marry her


This is one of the better dating sims I've seen. Though not quite as expansive as 'Sim Girls', it keeps you on your toes, and forces you to build up your abilities evenly. Good job mate.

Very nice game. Not as hard as some would suggest. Follow the help menu suggestions, as has already been stated! Curious about the endings, though... is there another "good" ending besides marriage?

Good game & sexy. Long & hard. You can win by starting with 40 pts on Charm. Then work in garage.

Some interactions are a little awkward and some messages misleading but Great Game on whole and different kind of dating sim.

No sound No violence No humor

Wow I total love this game. Very interactive,long, and fun. The best dating sim game I have ever played no doubt. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!

Tiss good i liked it and got the happy marrige ending took me a while to beat and found my self memerising the answer, and i liked the music but there should have been more types.

TO THOSE WHO ARE STUCK ON WHINE LICKING, - double click the wine spots- (took me a while to figure out myslef)

Overall good game, Loved pics, misleading dialog somewhat but good

Dude this game was so hard and like takes forever i really good at solving this games even on the day i got to boneing her it is like JKing who the !@#$ would not want to idot

it was very good and hot, but it took to loang herng to fuck her, i just wanted to bang her, thats the only reson why people play these games is to get to the big ending where u bang the hot bitches brains out

fun but i just wanted to fuck her took so long

i can get to the date in the tropical islands on day 57. I have charm up to 107. I have the level at 7. I cant get the meter to go up past the midway mark after getting all the questions right and giving the necklace. The meter isnt high enough to do anything else? Any suggestions?

I found this game pretty easy mainly cause i hit the 50,000 dollar lotto within the first 2 days. Even without it, all it takes is one date with her in the tropical islands. I stuck to bein a camera man although i think the gym trainer gets better pay quicker. . .some key tips are make sure you use the camera correctly, dont just click it you gotta hold it, go to the tropical islands and get her to pour wine on herself, then when it gives you only the option saying "i was just kidding" dont click it. Put the mouse over the wine and itll turn into a tongue. Then just double click where the wine spots are and if you screw up after that then you're just retarded. Overall good game

it's a good one keep it up
i hope you make more of this kind of games lol

Very nice. One of the best Sim Dates I've played. (although really there are only two or three that don't really suck ,)). I'd put this one first equal with the original Sim Girl, which it is difficult to compare with as they are good for different reasons.
Alot of people are complaining about sound and saying something is better than nothing, but personally I think nothing is much better than some of the horrible stuff in other games. If you have limited MBs and time to work on the game, ignoring the sound was the right option in my opinion.
I'm surprised so many people are finding the game SO difficult. I got to the end on my second try I think (then screwed up the last scene by cumming on her ;)). I haven't read all the other posts as there are 13 pages of them now, so while some of these questions have been answered already, I'm now going to give my tips for those who want them:

Put the first 40 in strength and raise it to 50 as soon as you can (working as a bartender a few times to pay for the gym), then work as fitness instructor. Then buy the couch as soon as you can.

good game and im the jack ass to spole it =D answers in the fallowing... 2-4-3-4-8-5th from left-5-4-(last round u got to do)

On my second try I got married. The trick is to play the lottery in the first week until you win the 5000 or higher (restart if you dont do it in the first seven days). Then you can buy all the things for home. Once I was done that I raised my skills all to 100 by day 60. Then just devote your time to her.

Im going to have to say this is a great game. It took me about 6 trys be for i got it but its not as hard as everone this once you get the hang of it. I got all my stats to 100 under 60 then it was pretty much just fallowing the help from there XD. The maker added a great item that if people would use and they would stop makeing such a big deal about how hard it is USE THE HELP BAR.

This was a great game and I only gave it a 7 but just becasue it lacked some basic this hope you like my review.

It was kinda cool...but when it go in to teh sex part..it got really strang...good...stay with it

This game was pretty good, since it used a real chick unlike most of the other ones out there. But the difficulty was quite high, it took me awhile to beat it, or maybe i'm not that good at it? There were some flaws in the game, like how it took so long to get an increase in pay after you had recieved the high enough stat.

some of the abilities are really hard to level up even if u buy the items. it was a good game for yuor first make but the quiz thing that was gay. at least let the player take the quiz, dont base it on a stat. but overal it was fun and a good game. the only things holding it from perfection were some of the stats and quiz. oh and any music is better then no music, same with sound effects, try and work those into your next one, but other then that it was good, nice creation

dude, increase the number of points given to the skills after training even if they only go to a max of 100 points not even at day 50 i could put them by 100...they move up very slowly...at least put a +5 on every max training job/item...and a +2 on the minimum training job/item...and about that potence thing dude +1 point?!? that's impossible to put on 100...even if the character was trained to day 70 there would be no time to spend with her....and those tests dude your knowledge doesn't drop so why don't you do learn something from the other dating sims in here play some of them...or an even better suggestion play Hentai SimGirl and learn how to make a real game...your work is pretty good but that guy's work is way better...trust me...i know what i'm talking about....

I love playing dating sims even though I’m a girl ^_^
And this probably the most well done. Albeit, it's a bit difficult, it's really fun and the graphics and style are fantastic.
My only complaint is the dialog is a little choppy, so for some reason reading it in my head i gave her a foreign accent hahhaha

Two thumbs up, keep up the good work.


Sheesh, what whiners around here, stupid-ass whiners saying that the camera is useless, that the bar only goes half way up, and that the game is impossible to win, THE CAMERA GIVES YOU MORE THAN HALF OF THE BAR!!!!

Anyone who doesn't understand this after reading it obviously doesn't understand the american language.

Difficult but not impossible... Very well done!!

But this game is great, she is so damn hot. It took me like 7-8 tries but i Finally Got the hang of it. Here is a short guide for people having a hard time:

1:All starting points to CharM
2: Train with the Solarium at the Fitness center(+3 to charm) and work at the pub till 50 Charm.(Buy a Sofa)
3: after 50 charm spend 2 days working as a car salesmen, then Work up knowlagde to 50.
4:Proceed to train Charm to 100 then work at the Car Dealership till you get to the 3rd exam then train knowladge to 70-75
5:Buy a Gym and train to 75-100 strength
6:On day like 55-60, make sure you have bought everything and start talking to her. Also spend a couple thousand to get 90-100 potancy
7:Buy flowers for her ONLY cuz trying to buy the necklace that has the same effect as flowers is a waste.
8.Training everything to 100+
9:it should be easy...from here on out

I like this game a lot. Got to say one of the best sim games i have played. But the only problem I have with it is, I cant finish it!???
Everytime I manage to get her on a date, kiss her, take her photo, shoot some erotic photos, but I can never get to 'have sex' with her? My experience with her on the last time I attempted it was, 7000+ and my strength was 105, charm 104, knowledge 118, potence, 120!
I have no idea what to do? Everytime I try having sex with her, it only ends with one option. " I was joking silly :)" or "eh?" or "i want to f*** you here and now!" and I have no other options. There is also a tongue when she asks you to lick the wine of her body? Does that mean anything?

Advice would be so very much appreciated.

what can i say? my lil' fella loves aria! Likes: photos of real woman, interactivity during the dates, multiple endings, well done all the way around! dislikes: overlay gets to be a lil' annoying to navigate, but aria makes you forget all about it! well done, hope to see more of exactly the same in the future. maybe with a blonde or redhead this time, and a 3 way scenario?

it was good to see a new type of dating sim. I've played it several times and liked it. Only problem is that its too dam hard

This was a pretty good game but it was really hard. I like the way you use an actual person. I don't know, i see you said you made it easier already so perhaps just add a cheat mode? like full money or full stats incase people don't want the hard version. Overall pretty good though

This game is much too hard. My stats were around 124, 130, so on, around that range and I couldnt do shit with her. Even if I answered all of her questions correctly, had a good atmosphere, and bought her an expensive necklace, and kissed her right, she still sucked and wouldnt give me shit.

It takes forever to get everything and there are too many objectives. I was hoping maybe making perfect scores on my tests each time would make the experience points go up but its just a waste of time. There are a lot of options in this game that is a big waste of time and everything is much too expensive to do. Everyone knows that the fitness instructor makes the most money. So you might as well put all of your points into strength first, build the extra 10 points and get money like that and build everything else. Im telling you, this is stupid sometimes.

Also I hate how its cluttered to death. The first time I played, there were too many boxes and I couldnt tell which box to hit as a button. change the color of the buttons so they are more visible instead of blending it in. Or just dont make so many options. Geez. Options can be fun, but too many becomes irritating. And there is NO point to the photography gig honestly. And if I didnt need the camera for the dates (which I havent been able to use shit yet), I wouldnt buy it becuase its a waste of money. You figure for 2000 dollars, the photography job would make you the most money becuase you have to go through the most trouble trying to get it. And I cant believe a couch is the thing that raises my lame 70 points a day to 100 points a day. I figure a really nice damn bed would. This is so weird.

Make it a bit easier, I only got better in my last 10 days each time when I played this game. its drawn out ridiculously. And I get nothing for even trying my ass off. Waste of effort.

This game must be impossible i had 102 strength 108 charm 101 knowledge 104 potence 9436 experience and i couldnt do anything with her the mood bar didnt go higher than half!

Its an overall good game .. There isnt much to say. Only the sound could be better.

so im not the biggest gamer, but this is a good game, for anyone who does not know what to do, just start out putting all your points towards str or cha, the raise it to 50 if possible, make some money, then get your intelligence to 50, make more money, buy the couch, then the camera, then became a photographer in the park. low paying at first 800 near the end, raise your stats, by day 68 start talking to her, by 74-76 you should beat the game, i dont know why everyone complains too much about it, id rather have a somewhat difficult game than one that i can fart and beat it.

so good game

its aria giovanni u twonk

would have given it a 10 overall, but I never give anything a perfect score.

i had a "fucking incredible" date and i still couldnt fuck her,o well, a little hint to getting your date rating higher is when ur kissing her stop the meter at the yellowish ball not the red one

I played this before you updated it and came closer to completing it with crapper stats than i did this time round, i played the new version and on the 3rd try of this i had my relationship full and all my stats above 100 by day 67, BUT! it seems that it is physically impossible to get her mood above half even when answering all the questions right and giving her a gift, this problem needs to be sorted

I have played this game three times. But I couldn't win it ;) But this game is terrific, I'll try it again. Finally, someone prepared "natural" game. Hope to see another product like this.

Ok... I made it to elvel 100 WITH INCREDIBLE STATS 140 knowledge 58 Strength 52 Charm 2472 Money 48 Potience Or Whatever but on day 100 I still hadnt gon on a date with the chick...

I was very impressed with the depth of this game. It's freakin huge! I spent about 3 hours the first time. Didn't beat it... Might I suggest a few things? Perhaps a little less things to concentrate on. You have the player working on money, dating, school tests, and the items to buy are too pricy. I deffinitly will give it a 10 and continue playing. Maybe even a few more hints or a walkthrough would be nice. But then again, I like to cheat too much. X)

woman doing in this game? I will still play this fucking game, but I am dumb founded.

Well I finally beat the game! I did it by focusing on getting my stats up, talking to her in the park, and making money. I had only one date with her and it was the final one. We got married...lol. If you talk to her a lot then you don't have to worry about dating and you can have time to pass your exams and get your stats up. It's easy once you figure it out...that's all.

I'm not a porn fan really, but the game itself is very well made. (Just for referecne as to the whole "too hard" thing, I got through it all in 75 days, doing all photo shoots and sex scenes, and blowing it a few times, with all stats over 100... so it isn't). There are means to improve it, but what's there is very well thought out and balanced.

Ok first off I do like the game don't get me wrong. But: It's still way to hard. You can raise charm and knowldge to 100 str to 70 and get busted for boit haveing enough potence. I'm still getting stuck at the middel ground of dateiong her. You run out of time way to fast. Forget takeing her photo.....You don;lt have time. I have read oterh reviews saying that they can get to her place at the end and still piss her off when asking for sex and thats the only option they have. Here's my Idea. Fix the game either make it easer(You claim to have done this But I don't see it)on toss out the time limit of 100 days unless there's a bug that allows you to breeze in with 100+ on eyery stat. There is no way to get your skills up. hell you only get 70 unites until you buy the sofa. SeriouslyI do like it but you "help" guide is worthless. Give her a slideing scale or something so that her mood is slightly higher on dates after you have made her happy or something. That and lower the difficulty, she is way too hard for a time limit of 100 days when all we get is starting at 10 for all of our stats.

Hey! This game is totally cool!
But i only "made" this game once, and then i "died" because i didnt have enough potence... Well two thing u could "fix" the game is still to hard man, let us win faster in the lottery, its hard to get much money so u can buy phone and camera and stuff.
And when u ARE working to get the money it would be cool if it was like (if u r a car mechanic): You see a man driving in with a red totyota, he asks you to take a look at his engine, his engine was alright but you see a other problem with the car, do you tell him or not?
and then u get a "prize" if u answer right, like he gives you 100 more... those could be there sometimes i think...

I didn't beat it, died on 99, but I was wondering if I'm ever supposed to...bone...her....or just the photo sessions.

Overall well done though.

I thought it was a really good game especially becuse there were no sound so I could hear music without some freaking song disturbing it;) I think it's very hard but it's probaly just me being a noob.
I've noticed that people advise the cardealer job even does the photographer job gives better...

this was a great game better then everything els i played!!

Great game you have there....It took me 5 attempts to complete the game with only 2 where I've played till Day 100(or complete) and the other 3 where I quitted half-way. I completed the game in 80 days, actually can do it in just 70+ days but I did not realize that I need to get above 70 for all stats and that's what happened. Anyway, great game and hope there's more of these....

This is a fairly well done dating sim. However, I seem to have found a bug with the lottery. When I got three shopping carts all at once, the game said I lost, but aren't you supposed to get $5,000? Maybe it's just me...

Also, I thought the the multiple message boxes were confusing at first, since the "action" ones didn't really stand out [like in a different color or something]... but, I got used to them... just something you could change perhaps in your future games?

The graphics were extremely well done, mixing in real pictures with the manga ones... the transition was smooth... speaking of which, which manga is that in the background? It would be great if you could tell me. Well, that's all I have to say about this game, it is definitely worth playing.

alright i got to part with questions to have sex with my stats are 70,100,100,100 and i answer all them right untill the last one where theres only 1 choice but it keeps pissing her off by bringing the stupid little attitude smiles down. WTF am i doing wrong??? i got camera, im doing kissing right, yet the questions for sex keep ending up in her getting pissed......somebody help me the f out. ..........

nyways good game with nice background and arie is pretty hot :P

Dude, nice job here. I was a little confused when you said that there was more then one happy ending (the only happy one i could find was the marrige one), but still, this game rocked. I have two questions, however; when is the sequel coming out, and can it be with Nikki Nova? (shes so much hotter then Arie Giovanni) Keep up the good work!

WElll i dunno hwo amny other happy endings are tere but i got the one in which we married? and then we ahd sex in a tub adn the end what other endings did u people get??? and is it possible to win 100k in the lottery? max i have won is 10k

Hey this is pretty cool.. I have played it like 5 times now though and I can't figure out where/how to raise my charm... Could someone please tell me how?? Thanks!

Its among the best sim-dates here on NG, not particualry new-thinking in any way on programming basis, but nice to see a real girl for a change.

I would reccomend putting a little hint on what sort of gifts she wants where, i gave her underwear at the 5000$ place and that costed me quite a few turns :P And i agree with the others that there is quite a lot of places where your not really sure what your supposed to do. Then again, most of it is already posted here, so if people want to finish it, they just have to work a bit for it :)

Did get the marriage ending on first try, with some help from reviews (for once charm > strenght :=)
Dissapointment though, with enough potency (like 100, which is usual to assume you should have) you fucking NEVER come, not from the fox'es blowjob, nor in end-scene. Was not even 1/5 of the whatever-climax-meter when the scenes ended. Not sure if that was intented or not though.

All in all, keep it up. Stay in the porn business, and send it to someone who can check you writing, prolly anyone here with a little programming-skills would do it for you, not that much of a job :) (for instance, "have a sex" is hardly good english) make it "sex proposual" or just "have sex" instead :) Not trying to criticise of course, it just brings the game down one notch.

All in all, superb game, worth the 10 and the 5 simply case you use a real model instead of hentai. Missed animations of course, but that IS harder to do with real pictures :)

No sound i heard nor violence or humor exactly, but if there is sound sry.

Anyway Very good since its not like all the other Date Sims where u are always with anime

I like it

good game only problem is the exams you have to take

i loved it but i cant get her over half on the mood ive played it like 50 times can someone help me thanks . but other than that great great game love it .. keep it up

very good game, takes a while to do tho. i failed teh first time tho:( lol well done

I like how you did this one. its a good game.
i have seen a few reviews and it kinda makes me feel bad. alot of the people reviewing this are like 12 year old's who want porn. so dont take it the wrong way.

Its a good game and very intresting. it does not get boring even do there is no music which is realy hard to do. and you acualy have to spend time playing, which i think is way better than a game were you can screw her in 10 mins.

The Harder it is the better the feeling of beating it is.

Ive tried the forward cheat and i just dont get it. Can someone explain it in depth for me? Thx

Thank you for this fun and erotic game. It took 4-5 tries to get the right ending, but eventually I conquered Aria for the happy ending^^. It's ok for a game of this kind to be a bit more difficult (like this one is) if the gameplay and style are worth it - and they are.

To new players ***the help button is your friend***

I look forward to more games from this creator. The one very minor thing is the English - it's not too bad but if you want help with that part for the next game, let me know and I will be happy to help you.

that game was awesome. once you play it a few times you get a rhythm down, and you can usually screw her towards the last 20 days or so. it just took me a while to realize that you need the couch to get 100 energy every night, instead of just 70. overall good stuff. i have played a few of the other lesson of passion games and found them to be almost as good. keep it up. the sound is a ten because my speakers are busted and i cant hear anything. but i am sure its good too.

i dont know what that last guy was talking about i was able to kiss her by day 59
unfortunately i made some really really bad choices and she didnt fall in love with me
but anyway good game u should make another one
i know id play it

I had like 14 days left to make her fall in love withme, which was not enough time...

Is there a secret to taking photos. I can't score enough points on the photo part

Whoa, a dating sim featuring a real (virtual) girl - this is surely gonna confuse some of the otaku on NG. It's fun, it's challenging, and it's nicely done. Two thumbs and a pen0r up!

it keeps on saying "hold your hormons" and im at level 7? How?

It's great to have a sim game with real pictures, especially of such a fox as Aria. Admittedly you can find all the pictures through google, but it's still a fun, if hard, game. I'll admit I followed a guide to help me through, I don't think anyone could compleat it their first go without one, and that's after reducing the difficulty.

I think the best part is the interactivity of the rewards. Most games give you some pictures or a looping animation, actually doing things was a lot more fun. And the numbr of rewards was great too, most games I've played have just one sex rewards, but you had one for every location... and then just when i thought it was over, there was a couple more!

(One question, I think thanks to following the guide i got the best ending by getting hitched... is this the best, and what happens with the other endings? And if you're gonna fob me off and telling me to 'play and find out' could you at least tell me what decides what ending you get?)

Only suggestion would be to line the buttons up so when you're zapping through doing the same things several days in the road, you can do it a little faster.

Overall, fantastic game, you should definitly so a sequel, maybe with Veronica Zemanova or Luba Hegre. I hope to see more from you in the future.

i no am am gon to hav bas spellin on her bot icant see my midtales through te sheey of spern on my screen!!!!!!!!!!1 THIDS game is aesom. i poy 0 for ht sond cux my speeks dont worl

good game some things to point out... do the forward cheat then do 1 sesion of each stat rising thing... also upgrade ur int alot even past 99 cuz after the 1st exam ur % goes to absolute 0

i don't know about the last guy but i finish the game and it was fun.
the guy in the last review was a novice game and don't know shit.
he sounded like a 15 year old who play game with know no idea what he is doing in the first place

first, you really need someone to come in and clean up your english. no offense but its clear you arent a native english speaker from the way you write. second, accidentally clicking on the wrong thing automatically removes energy. energy should not be removed until we actually start doing something. third, there is no explination for how to properly kiss. fourth, (this accentuates point 3) i worked the relationship up to level 7 before day 50, had 100 in 3 stats before day 50 and had 100 in all stats before day 60 yet i could not even get an erotic photo shoot from the girl. forget the sex, what is the point if you cant even get the kiss to work right in order to get enough points to get to the photo shoot? this game really sucks because of the sheer lack of explination and inability to get enough points to access the photo shoot and sex.

This is a pretty good game...original by my standards. To the last post and for all who decide to forward the game it is great in the beginning but she lets you know that you have to learn gradually. If you start off at 99 then you can't learn anymore so you can't be better than what you stated at. I think he added that part purposly to stop cheaters.

Very well done, only one minor flaw. If you hit forward from the beginning, it gives you 99 of all the stats :)

Nice sim game, challenging, yet addicting.

Minor flaw for you ppl who cant finnish it,

Fist play it, get your strength,knowledge,charm,and potence built up. Then right click and hit rewind so your at the start screen. Then click forward till your at the main navigation screen. You should then have all the same stats b4 other than 50 bucks and none of your items.

Hope that helps you till the maker finds this bug :)

this game was easy and it was a good game i played it 5 times

RPG dating games all seem to follow the same pattern.
some are fun, some fall apart, and some like this one,
are just too fuckin hard. If I didn't know better, I'd
think the game maker was just being mean. Then
again, maybe I'm just not motivated by Aria Giovanni.
How about a dating game based on a choice of 3,
Erica Rose Campbell, Veronica Zemanova, and Sylvia Saint?
That game I'd be motivated to play and win, fer sure.

Good game, could be hard if you are unsure or first time playing through. Before you try to beat it, play through it so you can learn all the questions and answers.

Look for ways to raise your stat by +3 at a time instead of those weak +1 versions.

I was able to beat the game on the 76th day or something like that, thats after having sex scenes in each location and leaving the tropical one for last. Got a happy ending and all that good stuff.

Just put all 40 points into charm, raise it to 50 using +1 method in pub, then at 50, go work as a carsalesmen to start buidling up work expeirence there.

Once ya got a lil bit of cash, buy the bed, now completly use your money to get private tutoring from your teacher, rasise it to 25 knowledge or so before the test, then now spend your time working to get money, using the +3 charm method at the gym, and studying with your teacher while playing lotto here and there and alos tlaking and making converstaion with the teacher.

Raise Charm to 100 in which your work experience as a cars salsemen would also go higher and eventually you will make $520 a shift, but until then make sure you buy all 4 items for your house. Before day 50, get charm to 100, raise knowledge to 100 (you will never fail test and will always score highest in class grades), raise strength to 75 by using the weights you bought at home (+3 str a pop), and raise the last stat (the name excapse me .. but using your telephone and alot of money, buy the panties that give you +4 over and over until you have 75 - 100 (100 is more preferbly).

This whole time do not waste time, if you can spare some time to talk to the teacher, then do so! Start learning everything and understanding everything. stats 75,100,100,100 is enought to complete the game with no prob. buy 3 of each gifts and ignore the necklace, you do not need it.

Start on dates ONLY when you can take their picture during the date. Then go on a date ( the chepaest one) and answer all the questions, do a good kiss, and then take a great photo. This will help his relationship score be high. The lil that come after, just deal with it a bit later.

hmm a little too ezz :P lol but gud game

This is the best SIM ever.This one actually has thought in it.Its more real then other SIMs.But the damn thing was hard as hell! I dont know how to pass the damn tests im like a dumb ass! And the hard part is i try to get the camera first but i takes to fucking long! Man dude you made this hard as hell to do in 100 days.Thats way its so diferent and better than ur average SIM.Good job but man i could use some tips.

Very GOOD! Very GOOD! The game itself can stand very well even as a full commercial game, given some exra features in the gameplay :)
It was rather easy though! And the lottery thing isn't really needed! Raising your CHARM level (And not your strength) is the key to get the "Happy ending". I wll not say anything else... read another review for details...
Finally, keep working! With work like this one already, one can only expect the best from your next projects! :)

This is the best dating sim on newgrounds, its unique.
its also very challenging, i got to level 7 but still coudnt charm her enough to 'do it' with me

wtf is wrong with the background its totally bad(as in good).But I havent learned not really much,but I haved learned somthings to do in real life exept for masturbaiting lol i already know that!!Well atleast make other girls.

Great Game Dude!!!!!!!!

yo this shit is hot but where you be gettin that shit in the backround that was sweet

i still dont understand the camera mode...whenever i try and use it she sais No camera! and im in lvl 7 and i never can get the xp ALL the way up its always just before "a night to remember" and im answering all her questions right, i even give the right gift to her. you need to make it easier =( so horny guys like me can beat off =P

its good but 2 hard, cant you just e-mail me the damn pictures???

however.. too many boxesss (they confuse me and it made the game more complicated) lol. very hard :(. whenever i talk to her i end up screwing up.. thus going back to 0 exp. :T. good game though! keep it up!

It took me like 5 tries but i did get all dates sex scence and i get the ending when i marry my teacher It was was hard at first but then when you understand it its so difficult this game differrent than other dating sims because 25 % its answering all the questions ,@25% getting her the right gift ,25% The kiss and 25% the picture taking .Not like other datings sims that is 75 % anwsering the right questions i was able to finish it perfect ,once you learn to use the camera and clicking in kiss mode in yellow circle its easy and in using the cam move it arround her until when the green light then click with you mounse and hold it take it easy when you see the green light it will not go away until you click so click until the white bar appear hold it and release it at the right time it appear do not hold it to much release it when the white bar inside the camara its almost full it do not have to be that full toget a great date . The most diffucult was the red dots is so annoying hard when toching her clicking a lot begging for the darn red circle to appear. It was hard but the harder you try the best reward you receive just like real life .

Great game ! ! Beat it the 2nd attemp. The one thing that thru me was the kissing before pictures (which kinda makes sense in real life). I kept waiting for some indication to kiss her, blushing or something...
How many erotic photo sessions are there ?? I saw 3 (I've played 4 times so far).
I kept wanting to see her in that white top & skirt outfit (the reaching a new level look).

In my dreams (for your next game) I would love it if you could (photograph her) instruct her/pay her to have sex with other women. Great work !!

Overall it was ok game. I couldnt get how you kiss or take a picture and messed up on date. Well here is some things you should know. First your charm is very imporant. Like the guy below me said use all your points on charm. I found that once you have 50 charm the job in the exeserising place is the best. You also want to try to get the couch because you get 100 every time u sleep. The exersings mahien give 3 strenght eveytime you use it but i dont think strenght is that important. You can increase your potence easier by buying a phone and ordering tatex panties. Some things you should know for the date is:
-she has 223 books
-likes playing volleyball
-likes shopping
-like collecting teddy bears
-has 57 teddy bears
-she likes going to the fitness club
-hates modern rap and techno
-likes to play with her pussy in the bath
-like leather suits
-shes from Nysko
-the universcity is the second best in the country
-likes disco
-likes reading in the park
-she like tennis when she was 12
-every second day she shaves
-she has 12 partners
Hope this help you.


I think I eithe rhave the best ending or the second best ending. Either way, the work put into it was very good. My only complaint was the placing of the buttons. If they lined up, then completing tasks would not be so arduous.

To help all you noobs out there:

In the beginning, put all 40 points into charm. Everything else should fall into place after that.

Still stuck? fine. First week, raise Charm to 50 and get your job at the car dealership. Second week needs to be focused on education. That should be enough to start you guys off.

Have fun! :)

Well developed game !! Props to you!!

Having problems with Sex on date at club and tropical island. Whats the deal?
Might be a problem.
Or am I not completed the sequence properly?? What is sequence??
I cant get shirt off. Doesnt seem to follow technique ofd previous dates with sex sequence

Buggy just like most games I find. I can prove it too give me an email adress and I'll send you the print screen photo. I'd like to put it under my submission but I dont really know how to. Anyway like I said great game.

First of all i want to congratulate you for making the best sim ever since simgirls. its so awsome how you put together everything.

Now i didnt find any bugs or anything but i think (and this is an observation) that the reason that a lot of people say that the days are too few is because the time in the game just goes to fast. maybe if you could change stuff like work time that is 45 to 30 or something same with the phone and other stuff. ust an observation.

congrats on this master piece for real

Ok, on my last day I acutally get her to have sex, i beat everything until the penetration where she said I cummed to fast, lmfao. I never raised my potence lvl thing. Hahha o well.

a challenging game. really a good one. I needed 4 or 5 tries till I got it what strategy to use.

and even if you are not lucky in lottery, it is still possible to get Aria in the late 90th...

I only wonder, if there are different happy ends? I tried it 3 times, and got always the same happy end, any try to make things different on the tropical island ended bad...

BTW, is this already the easier game, or still the hard one? Any mistake during a date was punished :)

Excellent addition to the sim games, and it is a lot more difficult than the others by a long way. Took me 4 attempts to get it right, and even then I completed it on the 99th day.
Didn't have to win the lottery to do it, just get either charm or strength to 50+and you'll be fine money wise.

i love the game but i need a walkthrugh

I loved this game! It was fun and challenging - more challenging than other sim dating games. You don't even need to win the lottery to win - I just made sure to max out my strength and therefore my earnings early on.

But I have to know: how do I conquer Aria at the end? I get to the point where we're alone by the school and she asks a series of questions, and I can't seem to get them right! What am I doing wrong?!

not so bad game like ganguro and sim girl but ariaaaaa damnnn ariaaaaa

Can't take a picture...it says hold your hormons. Is she not in the mood or am I doing something wrong?

Is it better to kiss her closer to red dot or yellow?

Just a question how many good endings are there?

Been a fan since I found your site and played the first version. I still can't get the photo portion and the end sex portion of the first game to display on my computer. It seems to use the dat files, but I'm left with a blank screen. No one seems to know why. Could you help me since you created the game? I would put this on your site, but it's not in English.

Sorry for side comments. I'm a big fan of Sim games and as I mentioned, this one is a challenge. I was pretty use to the first version, but the addition of the kiss interactivity is a nice touch. And a working photo shoot/ending made me very happy as I've been troubleshooting the other version for some time now.

Thanks for such a great game. My 2 cents - I liked having the exam every week. It forced you to keep working on knowledge. Now you can cram before the exam.

nothing i could complain..

raise your str to 40 at the start.. the other stats are not so important.. str allows u to earn more cash upfront.. so u can study and raise knowledge every alternate week..

play lottery till u get lucky n i mean u will have to try long long time, dun come screaming why i can do it.. cus it takes a LONG time.. 50K and u are homefree..

the gameplay took awhile to figure out.. but overall its good.. got potential to become the best simdate here.. NO bugs whoo.. maybe make it easier to earn money.. it was really tough.. n maybe increase chances of lottery.. haha.. took me 3 plays

great game and idea but to hard

Managed to get right too the end, then discovered I wasn't Aria's ideal man. Damn, is it even possible?

Fun game though...

yet too hard! can YOU finish this game XD?

just didnt work for me it didnt make any sense and i didnt like how when you slept you only got 70 hp back and when youre talking to the teacher you have to guess what to say so this game is more of a guessing game then a fun one

use A) more interactivity B) cheats for people that just wanna see the boobies lol C) a SEQUEL!!!if thats how you spell it

How do you use the camera?

I dont like it it sucks

but too hard. Make it possible to play for unlimited days too

i didnt even beat the game.. i kept on getting expelled... man, that suck.. i couldnt even get the teacher... help me out, please..

I think it was an awesome game. I zipped thru it a little too fast though and wasted alot of days when I shouldve been going out on dates. Took a good amount of time for zipping thru it though. Now I'm gonna have to play again and get her on my sofa!!!!

Aria is incredibly hot but i just couldnt beat it within 100 days. I got all the way up to level 7 with 3364...and i was allowed a sex purposal but i didnt know where i can ask?...I wont say its hard because its all on how you play the game...

I spit it 10,10,10,10 in the beginning and i worked a lot in school for some days by paying her and then i never went to school again because i had enough intelligence and i went on alotta dates with her but i never got to the part where i can do a sex purposal and there wasnt a hint either for the camera..so that was no use..whenever i tried it she got mad and said control your hormones or something..

Well great game but if you dont mind kind of show how to use the camera..and whats the level you need to make it for sex and how you do a sex purposal.
Keep up the great work.

Very good game, well thought out, well planned. A lot to do. Takes a little while to get used to, but once you have it, you're set.

A hint to all new players: Play the lottery until you win big (50k+) Then just shower her in gifts.

Not enough time, perhaps more days and less time to do things, levels ups come easier too.. Apart from it is a good game

How the hell do you operate the camera?

I liked this game and I've already played it multiple times to see if my improvement made any difference but i get to the end and apparently I don't know how to take off her bra or skirt? I think level ups need to be made a little easier, maybe by shaving off some of the time and stuff like that. I think its a good game, but some of the things I think are a bit expensive.

great game, but it's way to hard.

but i played it three times and i just couldn't finish a date succesfull. She didn't want to go on a picture.
I just like to ask
is it possible? :P

Wow!!! realy a great game kinda slow but i got my stats up & everything till day 50 & she was willin to fuck me in day 80... but i got stuck because i dont know how to take her picture...godamn it!!!

...just to get your porn, then by means, have at this game. I know 6-year olds who can string together better sentences than some of the shit in this game. Besides that, the stat gains were way too small and took far too many "time units" to do. Then of course there was the trivial task of actually trying to fucking talk to the teacher(which I didn't even get to until day 56 due to the painfully slow stat gains). I try to talk to about movies one minute("MY FAVRITE SERIAL IS TEH TWILIT ZON"), and then she goes psycho bitch and never talks to me again. The real life pictures were a nice break from the anime/hentai cartoons on most of these sims, but christ, this game needs some work to actually be fun.

I dunno if anyone can finish this well enough... the dating system is frustrating, with all those things and I cannot understand them. I wish there was a better explaination on things. 100 days seems too little for all the tasks at hand.

ok really its pretty hard i went to the porno picture but after a fucked up its really to hard u need money for everything seriously plz make it a bit easier. u got great potential continu

Make it more easier pls it is kinda hard as u keep gaining +1 for studying n upping other stuffs can ya put +2 to +5 it will make it more easier thx!

I was enjoying the game until it was gameover for getting bad test scores. >< I would play again but not worth it. I spent all the time getting chr to get the car dealer job and not enough on anything else I guess.

Ok...now this was probably one of the most puzzling sim date games that I've ever played. I have several complaints; the slow accumulation of skill points, the difficulty of talking to the teacher, and the lack of time allowed per day.

It's kinda difficult to gain points when everything requires you to spend money. I know that's how it is in real life, but the sim does not allow enough time in the day to work towards massive amounts of points in strength, charm, etc. 1 or two points a day along with spending money really slows the game down.

Second, there should be a better way to talk to the teacher. Most of the time, when I tried to select a subject, she says she does not wish to talk to me. I suggest an option where you make small talk after class where you find out what she's interested in and lay out a small relationship base, so that she is less likely to give you the cold shoulder.

Third, the game only allowed a partial HP restore; full restore requires an additional item. This limits how much you can raise stat pts and money you can earn. Please change this to allow greater time during a day.

And I suggest changing "potence" to "stamina". Makes more sense.

Could be much better.

are there any cheats at all in this game

I'm sorry but the game was far too difficult. When you try talking to the girl its completely random whether you lose or gain xp. There were no hints to tell me what she liked talking about. I got to lv 2, but then I had an unlucky string of "I don't want to talk to you"'s and I went back to lv 1 with 0 xp. Thats ridiculous. Make it easier or provide a strategy guide type of thing.

The time you waste playing this game could be better spent actually going out and getting a real girlfriend. Or finding porn on the internet if you're so desperate. Seriously you want to see Aria Giovanni nude without going through all that bullshit? Try Google. I don't mind nudity on newgrounds, and I appreciate the effort you put into making the layout and the actionscript for the game. But I mean come on, would anyone still vote high on this game if it had no pics? No, it would probably have got blammed. What I'm saying is, if don't rip off pics from Freeones or whatever - draw it yourself instead, and then I'll be impressed. Flash isn't for stapling a couple of nudie shots behind some boring concept, if we want porn, it only takes a browser search panel and about 3 minutes.

The story is way too slow and it is way too hard

I seriously play a lot of RPG gmaes like this and maybe they were too easy.

This is a welcome aberration from the average sim player, they usually just plain suck, but this one has promise. The real pictures bring a sense of realism into the game by making the player feel more connected to an actual person than to a cartoon

well done.

The newest creation of date-a-girl concept. There is great time work and dedication to this work and i am glad you decided to introduce it here on Newgrounds.

You have everything covered from the start to finish. Great work and i hope you will continue to create masterpieces like this on our site.

Thank you!

I didnt really view the whole thing but I think this is worth saving the adult section here on Newgrounds is pretty slim, nothing too noteworthy, so why not let this join the others and be featured. Sounds like a good plot I would like to see some games like that, c'mon plus I am tired of seeing so much Hentai. I'll help save this one!

I like it! I always like Sims like these Great Job

Nice job I started playing it and then I got addicted !

This is an awesome addition to the Sim date collection! I thought I was gonna die without some new additions!


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4.14 / 5.00