the sonic show 1.5

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Due to the file size, I had to leave out the introduction, ending, the closing logo and the previews on the last episodes; I sure hope no one has a problem with that. Anyway, this is part 2 of the sonic show, it's funnier than the last episode, and it's better. so, grab some popcorn and enjoy the sonic show. (btw, I would like some feedbacks, and if you have any suggestions, just tell me or tell me at madidiot12345@yahoo.com)


I apologize

I'm sorry but I will have to give it a 4 hope it helps with keepin it alive

the one thing that disturbed me was that because it's daylight here I couldn't see anything at the start but it's good anyway.

As if.....

Knuckles couldn't kick that guys ass who beat him up. Also the sound when they (sonic, tails and shadow) are wathcing the video of knuckles getting beaten up is really annoying cause it loops to many time. But despite this it was a good movie. Nice graphics and genrally the sound was good. Well done

wow, that was pretty good

yeah, i didnt know that it would be so good. it could have been alittle better though, and you had the timings all screwed up too, like for the longer speeches it had like no time, and for 1 word, the bubble stayed there for so long. you should make a flash of what that dude did to knuckles

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3.65 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2005
9:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original