the sonic show 1.5

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Due to the file size, I had to leave out the introduction, ending, the closing logo and the previews on the last episodes; I sure hope no one has a problem with that. Anyway, this is part 2 of the sonic show, it's funnier than the last episode, and it's better. so, grab some popcorn and enjoy the sonic show. (btw, I would like some feedbacks, and if you have any suggestions, just tell me or tell me at madidiot12345@yahoo.com)



I loved it ^^ it's so cool

This was funny.

This really cracked me up. I liked the part with jerry springer. What game was the dad from?

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drcricket45 responds:

he was from final fight 3. ever heard of that game


it was ok needs more work. the funniest part is when tails pissed himself when he saw the kids dad. lol

Laughed myself almost to death

That was a very funny movie, I especialy liked when Knuckles screamed "it burns!" and when sonic got stuck in the chimney and Shadow lectured him about eating too many chili dogs

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Must suck for Knuckles, huh.......

I loved the project altogether, however you do need a lot more work. If you ever make a sprite movie, be sure not to use drawn custom a lot. Also some of the animation was a bit weird seeing Sonic flat in the beginning. If you let me help you in the next project, you can possibly get a green rating. I'm a sprite animator myself (although I haven't submitted anything yet). Think about it. Now from this movie I know to always stay away from a buff man with "Dominoes" Hot Wings.

drcricket45 responds:

lol yeah, you better stay away from him or he'll shove hot wings up your ass and make you scream like tim allen.

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Oct 8, 2005
9:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original