the sonic show 1.5

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Due to the file size, I had to leave out the introduction, ending, the closing logo and the previews on the last episodes; I sure hope no one has a problem with that. Anyway, this is part 2 of the sonic show, it's funnier than the last episode, and it's better. so, grab some popcorn and enjoy the sonic show. (btw, I would like some feedbacks, and if you have any suggestions, just tell me or tell me at madidiot12345@yahoo.com)



hilarios anyone who reads this watch it it was really funny

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Good stuff

That was pretty funny. Nothing like the thought of Knuckles getting a hot wing up the ass! Something I wished he would've gotten when I was playing Sonic 3 sometimes.

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i almost had a heart attack!

that was so fuckin hilarious i almost had a heart attack tryin to hold it in.but at the end when knux says NOOOoooo! you should have added a funny ass moaning sound(like off of thsonic in the city episode when its holloween) that would have made it funnier

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HOLY Crap, that was cold blooded

Holy s**t man. who could not see that comming. If i saw someone like that come to my house looking to kick my ass, i would piss myself to. Damn that was funny.

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I KNEW that was gonna happen!

As soon I saw Sonic, Tails, & Shadow walk up to the angry dad & get ready to confess, I knew what was coming. It's just giveaway when multiple characters tell the truth about something bad that they'll pin it on someone else.

"Knuckles did it!" :D

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Oct 8, 2005
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