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From the creators of 'The dudette next door' and 'Eddsworld Zombeh attack' comes this Animated flash short, 'Behind the Scenes of Eddsworld'.

Using all our own microphones and voices, we have finsihed the flash. Also, if youre intrested in hiring tom to voice act, email him at squidgeoon@hotmail.com

Also visit www.eddsworld.tk! :D



That really wasn't bad dude! nice one, i just watched it and i cant help but think perhaps thats how Johnny did start? good luck on a sequel (if there will be one)

So thats your story?

OMFG I thought I was watching a real life documentary!Great job with this one, but you should have added subtitles thou.Jesus man, I admire your work.


I really like your work! You work very well together. Very nice work by all of you. Hats of to everyone! Did I get that right? Anyway, for the flash. I love your graphics, they are very impressive! (It's getting kinda old isn't?) I guess I should extend my vocabulary so that I can tell you how great your flashes are without using the same words over and over again, it's starting to get repetative you know. Now, for the verdict: Two thumbs up!


cool make more no offence but i like tord more he's got my sorta personality but every1ns cool sept tom yeah u can here me jahovas witness

eddsworld responds:

Thanks for the review, and tom has something he would like to say...

'Fuck off you cunt'

This flash is freakin sweet ^-^

Another freakin awesome flash by Edd! I really enjoyed this flash, I can't stop watching it, because it is so freakin funny!!!! You really make the best flashes I've ever seen, YOU ROCK!!!!! keep up the Great flashes!!! =D

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4.22 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2005
5:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Original