Daily Day - HopStar!

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This simple game of clickiness has been done before with different physics, and less entertaining rewards. Enjoy! Instructions included.


Not bad

It was a pretty good game, I enjoyed playing it, although, like most of the games, it is getting a bit boring after a while. I like the way that you made the star change when you have a lot of points, it helps to fade the boringness. I also like the soundtreck of this game, it helps a lot to fade the boringness. However, it is still there, find an other interactive thing to add. It was a very good game, well done.

good game

i'm liking the actionscript used in this one, even if it was a bit too easy. the physics of sixstar (the blue one) falling were done very well.

only problem is you are late for daily day.

Not bad

That was nice on the beginning but became boring really fast. But the Idea was good.


Initially it was boring, after that was boring, but it got more and more challenging as you go on. And the music was ok.. Much room for improvement, but 's not that bad actually, depending on how patient a player is..

Not too bad.

I'm not exactly fond of these games, but your version kept me playing for a while, just so I could see what the face would look like at the end. That was a good idea, since that will keep people playing it until they reach the last face change. It wasn't exactly the best graphically or anything, but it was somewhat of a fun game to play. Not too shabby.

taurusclock responds:

Thanks Gooch! I appreciate it! Certainly not the best Flash I've ever done *looks around* heheh.. not that I've submitted anything.

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Oct 8, 2005
3:55 AM EDT
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