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TBP - Find Silly's Doll!

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Oct 7, 2005 | 11:32 PM EDT

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A quick game I made in... about a month.
Pretty easy, but my first game.
Based off of Team Bunneh Powah, or TBP, of Habbo
Erm... Enjoy!

EDIT: I fixed all the glitches, and added in a part. Mmhmm. I suddenly really like this game.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Habbo + Mystery game = ...?

Habbo, the virutal chat room for sulake. Even though it's not really a 'game' Nor a MMORPG, It's more of a CHAT ROOM. (Why would anyone base anything off of that crap?)

This whole game wasn't that good, I know flash is hard yeah yeah... So out of no where you see text... about some girl losing her bunny doll... and and you see some kind of building with TBP. Erm... and a bunny window... eh... Anyways, So you go to funnygirlsme room... Know what... I'm not gonna call this a Mystery game, I'm gonna call it a, Where the hell do I go game... YEAH ONE OF THOSE So anyways, You click the ... What the hell is that? A SOFA? It looks like two twinkies with a metal bar connecting them... I can see you we're hungry making this game, MOVING ON..

You go outside... Go through the door... and HOLY SHIT... With a floating TV and a Z... THE TV'S FLOATING?! SOMEONE CALL THE GHOSTBUSTERS QUICK!!!!! That 'outhouse' thing... It's a toilet right, and it's a teleporter..? So when you take a shit... It teleports it..? <_< >_> Weird... And you click a special present that should never be opened. SO let's see... A flying TV, a twinkie sofa... Obviously you were high on something, So you get the key card, go to the observation room, and you see two fuck bunnies... I read the stickie and I click the bunny on the right (Mike Myers haha...) and I click his nose Some giant carrot Plaque (That'd be ONE hell of a sex toy...) You click that thing to insert the Card key and it says swipe the badly drawn key card ..Erm... Yeah...

out of no where I go into the bathroom... and there's the mens and the ladies room... and I click... the ladies room, Guess and I go into some little number thing... I want out I WANT OUT.. But wait. There's NO FUCKING BACK BUTTON. So I put in the combo. Which is 25938... Wait wait... THAT SILLY WHORE LOCKED HER SELF IN!? MAN SHE DID GO INSANE! So you get into the room, She was angry now she's happy... >_< Since when did I have the stupid doll.... Wait wait... How was my life was gonna be a bloody end (It mentioned that in the intro) If I didn't return her doll if she was in there? locked up... I'm confused... Anyways, The bitch says

"Oh My doll"

"Can you please put on the shelf for me?"

Her doll, hell, I would of guessed it was bunny... It was just a blue haired girl doll.. So I put it back on the shelf....

And she says:

"Thank you!"

End of game. That's it. No nothing...


I know flash is hard like I said.. This game was just a waste of time, Like writting this detailed review. Which I had fun doing. Anyways 'k bye.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars




2 5 9 3 8
Thats for the boys
check your phone it has it


Rated 5 / 5 stars

lovee :)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


me and my friend paper where playing this


Rated 5 / 5 stars

for the last guy

*cough*button on*cough*on one of the bunnys noses*cough*