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Daily Day SE: Wesdood

October 7, 2005 –
April 28, 2020
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Made for daily day
i learned how to make a menu jsut for today
<3 SS Power

alot got taken out of this, for file size


The only good part of this was the "Space Jam" bit. It was mostly just boring. I'm glad they had a defined running time. I couldn't go back to the menu. Now that we're in this new format, these flashes can't really exist anymore. Well, you've left here anyway.

Yes, I knew the Star Syndicate wouldn't be credited! They can't submit that many flashes in one day! Well, you guys are devoted to each other. You just don't make stuff that that's good. Well, you've made some good stuff.

TheWeebl ain't got nothing on wesdood.

Those had to be the 4 greatest loops I have ever witnessed in my life. Each one was as much of a joy to watch as the last. They call TheWeebl the king of loops. But after seeing what was on offer here, I think we have ourselves a new king.

wesdood responds:


((( HAHA )))

Haha ok this was very massive in filesize but i must admit it was neat and very entertaining allthough some stuff was abit bazar, large file but funny humor...

Just try and lesson the filesize somewhat it was really large...

Bazar and strange but also funny and entertaining....


wesdood responds:

thank you for this wonderful review sir.

think more about the idea with the moving Lines.

Please don't draw charas.
better try to make a longer movie with lines. flowing and dancing to the music and forming something. but all handdrawn. that could look nice. You only got this style points from me for the line movie with the smoof beat.
nice Menu and interfacedesign

wesdood responds:

that made no sense at all.

3.80? Sorry, but that's just kind of unbelieveable

--The Good--

The pre-loader was pretty good, and the sound was pretty good, too. There was some interactivity in this lfash, and the menu was pretty cool.

--The Improvement-Needing--

The file-size for this is just kind of ridiculous. I mean, a little over 5 MB? Wow. I didn't really like any of the movie all that much, and you couldn't go back to the menu, you had to wait until they were over (I might not have minded, or even noticed, id the last reviewer hadn't mentioned those 2 things).


Overall, I gave you a 5. This was an okay movie that wasn't that great, sorry.

wesdood responds:

i know it was a horrible flash. that was when i was first starting out.


Stats, Info & More

3.14 / 5.00