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UPDATE: Hey thanks for stopping the downvoting man!!!!

Original comments:
I'm pretty sure this is the first ever flash submission about World War One. It's probably also the oldest song ever used in a flash. I thought it was a very catchy tune and thought it would be fun to make a short music video for it.
Although this flash has very little to do with the Star Syndicate, I made it specifically for Daily Day. I feel that the SS are some of the only people on Newgrounds making original and creative content and this flash fits right in.
I hope you all enjoy the wartime fun! :D

Note: set it to high quality only if you want a choppy framerate. It makes it look more like an old movie.



The graphics were great. Liked how you made it look old-timey and what not. Not the best animation, but still pretty good. This flash was pretty original, like you said, not many flashes about World War 1. The song was pretty funny and the lip sincing was good with it. This gave me a smile, and I liked it.

f0d responds:

muchos gracias

There's just something about it.

Something in the way it is, in what it is, in who made it, in those coauthored that makes this amazing. I am not sure what exactly but everything in it just seems, SO perfect. I could go on for days about how this animation is just that great, but hey, i like my way of reviewing better. Onto the review.

Graphics - They were beautiful, perfect, nothing better, you could try to find something better, but you'd fail, plain and simple, i mean WOAH YOU THINK YOU DID WELL, but you didn't, not compared to this, this absolute masterpiece. I swear the people that made this are flash gods, plain and simple

Style - It was incredible, a never been done before concept, i mean, you know it too, it is just godly, it was so original and so amazing. I didn't except one thing to the next, i was just baffled by it all, i only wonder how the authors could've done that, i was amazed beyond all believe.

Sound - Oh the sound, it was like Water Music - Handl or Minuet 7 - Mozart, or One Of Many Many Songs - Bach. They were amatuers though when compared to this, my ears were about ready to just dance themselves as my feet began to feel the beat, the choice was perfect. Whoever made that choice, wow, pat yourself on the back.

Violence - DBZ eat your heart out, Gundam can go play with itself. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you too, because you have nothing on this. This was incredible. Beyond belief, not fiction, just fact, that is all. Think you can make a more violent film, you can try, but you'll just never win.

Interactivity - There are great games on this site, things that are addictive and playable for hours. Thing is they don't touch you like this, you can interact more than just the buttons. Your soul can literally leap into another state of nirvana while watching this movie, that's how good it is.

Humor - You laughed, you cried, you stood in shock as everything occured, it was just that funny. It was raunchy, yet tasteful. It was old school, but entirely new. It was cliche but in a whole new way. I swear, if i could do stuff like that, I'd be richer than Jerry Seinfeld.

Well sir, you have made quite the masterpiece here. You're truly a god at flash sir. I just, am in shock over how wonderful this was. I just almost stop breathing for a second, is anything really THIS awesome ... yes ... this is 5/5 THE END.

f0d responds:

u gay!

Hun hunting

It was a bit short, but it worked well for this flash.
The animation goes well with the song. There are all in the right place. The style was great for this flash. It works on all levels.
Considering the source of the song used in this I would agree with you many of the people that come here would never have heard that song before. Heck maybe some of their grand parents may have. Really nice work here.

f0d responds:

maybe GREAT grandparents

Pretty good

It is a pretty nice movie, I enjoyed it, it was really fun to watch and listen.
The graphics was pretty good. The charecters were well drawn, you also drawn them in a very good way in their poses. I also like the way you drawn the objects, they match the style of the drawing perfectly, they also match the chareters. I like the colouring of the movie and the background. You did a pretty good job on the graphics.

The style was pretty good, the words of the movie matched perfectly to the movie itself and the animation of it. The graphics' style also matched the style of the movie, because of the fact that the song was in a style similar to this. I also like the directing of the movie, although it was pretty short, you could see it was nice.
The song was pretty good, I enjoyed from it, it was pretty nice.
Although the song was the source of most of the humor in the movie, the animation added some humor to it as well.
Anyway, it is a very nice movie, well done.

f0d responds:


I doubt this song has been used anywhere else. I sometimes love obscure soundtracks. Glad you liked it though, I like this song too.

Well done :)

Someone told me that all of these Daily 2oon's were horrible, but they were wrong this was really good, I liked how it had the whole olden-style feel to it, it was just like watching some old dodgy war music video, well done, I liked it, the best thing I've seen on newgrounds yet :)

The song made me laugh :)

Lots Of Love, Rebecca Rose

f0d responds:

very nice of you. Thanks :)

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Oct 7, 2005
8:24 PM EDT
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