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Armada Assault 1

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Play my new 3D game!

Armada Assault 1 is a remake of Armada Assault. Please VOTE AFTER PLAYING!
Movement=ArrowKeys, Shoot=S, Bomb=A, Pause=SpaceBar

If keys don't seem work, click on the screen. HAVE FUN!

Note: Your primary weapon is not really enough and you need to buy a secondary weapon.
Use "BIG SCREEN" unless your computer is slower than 600MHz or less than 128MB RAM or you have many many programs running. The type of browser afects performance too. The game runs best on IE followed by Opera, then Netscape.

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I have played many space shooting games, but this was so awesome I had to check it out. I think the main reason it's so awesome is because of how simple it is. You are on this interesting area and background where you blow up enemies over and over. I also like how you have so many lives. Some of the sounds are goofy, but fine. I'm speaking of when the boss fires at you.

The controls are really easy to understand. You get an interesting variety of enemies that are coming after you. I don't even know if you can kill those metal UFOs. I swear I didn't get more than 5 points at once from those coins. I thought they were energy blasts you were supposed to avoid at first!

josh-tamugaia responds:

This game was when I was still quite green as a game developer. But I'm glad you like it.

Really good

Weapon variations are nice. Music is good(I like the 2nd level music. The only annoying thing is that the last boss is hell of a pain in the arse. But still,great game.

Very Nice.

TBH, I really enjoyed this game. It kind of reminded me of the days that I spent at my house play U.N. Squadron. For me, the only thing that is really holding back this game, are the sound effects. 1. A majority of them are REALLY ANNOYING. and 2. They're louder than the music, which is something that you don't always want in your game. In spite of that though, I did spend four hours playing this game so it's something that can't be fixed. Good job!


A good secondary weapon makes a huge difference. It's an excellent game all around despite the cutesy-ish graphics.

good game

i thought the game was pretty awesome, good graphics, i like the style of game as in buy stuff and go use it to fight. the only problems are that you cant move the ship diagonally (normally by pressing both up and left at the same time it will take you diagonally), and that the bosses mostly just shot in the same direction regardless of whether your in their line of fire or not (so hiding in the corner means you dont get shot at all, this is a very good strategy seeing as the slicers are about the most powerful secondary weapon and they shoot diagonally up). its also a bit too easy.