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STARFOX: Mission Complete

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*the choking sound is andross suffocating on Slippies out of controll ship that ends up killing him* I AM SO SORRY! people, i worked really hard on this, i saved it and then somthing weird happened to my computer. after i finished the animation, music and all. somthing really screwed up happened. i clicked save and all of a sudden flash program shut down, and the file was lost all that was left was this swf file. i tried importing it but the sound as weird and parts were missing, sry i couldnt even get a loading screen in it. But i felt bad if i didnt submit it into new grounds. i swear i can do better thn this.


HAHA that was so funny.

I loved it so much, please make more.

now that was some funny stuff

from the begining it was just plain jokes, great work there

W0000t 7h1$ b PH@7 1007z!!11!!

That, that may be the funniest shit I have seen all night. and I have been play'n WoW and my guild is the equivelant of a Kindergarden class without naptime, so i have seen some funny thingz tonight.

Make a sequel!! :D

lol lmao!

thts is so funny! :) keep up the good work! :)

Get Your Fat, Stinky Ass Off My Freakin' Face!

Aw man, I loved this one! Slippy is a highpitched, homosexual frog; at least previous reviews didn't lie. This movie is definatly going in the favourites. Nice one!

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4.03 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2005
7:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody