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My buddy and pal Buck Cash over at: BuckCash.com has created another toon for The Infidel Guy. This toon is pretty fun to listen to. Nothing extremely awesome.. just a guy that some of you may find familiar. Of course this is set up like Apple's "switch" series of commercials. Enjoy! Oh, and visit: http://www.infidelguy.co
m. Thanks.


love it!!

That was awsome! Rational thinkers are like a breath of fresh air in this crazy world, its been favorited!


So true and so funny! You could add a little more to the backround but this is definatly going on my favorites list.

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It's sooooo true..

The Bible is just another big book of fairy tales slapped together by old supersitions and exargerated half truths. The funny thing is that almost twenty eight percent of the world is christian and actually believe this load fables and myths. Acorrding to Duetroranamy 23:2 I'm going straight to hell just because my parents weren't married when I was born. Like that's MY FAULT. I am a proud atheist and don't believe in a god because I figured that because I'm an illegitimant child, I'm damned if I do and Damned if I don't.

P.S. I loved your interview with "pastor" Harry Hardwick of Landover Baptist

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very true story

once you start reading the book, or listening to people who do, it all sounds pretty far fetched and weird. not to mention hateful.

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wohooo. atheism rocks.

and the previous moron, catholicism isn't chrisitanity? you belive 90% of the same things as your parents. i fucking hate your fucking moronic stupidity. sorry im not usually this angry but that fucks me off.

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