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My buddy and pal Buck Cash over at: BuckCash.com has created another toon for The Infidel Guy. This toon is pretty fun to listen to. Nothing extremely awesome.. just a guy that some of you may find familiar. Of course this is set up like Apple's "switch" series of commercials. Enjoy! Oh, and visit: http://www.infidelguy.co
m. Thanks.


So true

Too bad this flash has a bad score thanks to all those irrational fanatics. It deserves at least a 4/5

((( FUNNY )))

First off good voicing but you still might want to add some "SUBTITLEs" just because he was talking so fast, als the white backs for the backrounds were not good some color backthere would have been nice, anyways it was a funny flash i enjoyed it...

Well add some backrounds or backround color... Also, All though the voices were fine, it would have been nice to still have some "SUBTITLES" just for the overall effect of it making it more enjoyble...

A funny guy talking fast its funny but needs more...


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I love it.

Speaking as an atheist with devoutly Catholic parents, I say, ROCK ON!!!

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love it!!

That was awsome! Rational thinkers are like a breath of fresh air in this crazy world, its been favorited!

If god was real, everyone would go to hell

That is true, all the stuff in the bible happened when people would believe anything. All that stuff happened ages ago but not now, if you have the chance to meet god, then film it, not say you did and expect to be believed.

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2.66 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2005
7:48 PM EDT
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