Dailytoon #200

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Wow, we really did go a long way.

edit: has anyone found all of those secrets yet?

Wow, we won RCP. I don't even care that the score is dropping at this point. I'm just very happy with the reviews I'm getting. I'm definitely starting a 3rd season :)


200 words for daily200ns

that was amazing. is an internet-made-movie realy coming out,lol,
well this was brilliant, i can be a critic,say i gave two thumbs up,like they do on tv for good movies they show what critics said,lol well plz,maybe round spring or May, try making it to 300.
i love dailytoons. i dunno wich one was better,the 100th one or this,
well if this was the last one,plz at least reconsider an encore,either try making it to 300 or at least make an Anniversary one,unless the
movie is for the dailytoon anniversary. dailytoons were basicaly what i lived for,that and the comp,lol,so please please please dont leave, i know the star syndicate will make more flashes but those will only be half of the goodness that showers the dailytoons. from
the day that you first came to newgrounds i didnt like it,then it grew on me, plz dont go. i will miss you if you go,a bundle. even though i was not there for some of them,the daily toons,the origaniles,i will deeply miss this series. im on my 194th word,thanks for the daily toons


I wasn't at all expecting something so wonderful, and I finally got to hear the damn background music for once >:(

good day <3

I am so proud of you guys

You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!

Your experience points have been deposited already today. Thanks for doing the overtime!

I cant believe I am the saviour to this, i am truly honored. I am going to leave teh saviour movie on loop until the tears go away.

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Amazing work guys, a swell end to daily2oons

Firstly, let me say congratulations Astropuff, Mightydein, Rtil, Zekeyspaceylizard and co. on putting together such an awesome piece in time for the daily2oons finale. My 400th review goes to this fine submission. I can see you all put in tons of work. If this becomes a series, it's looking awesome. :D

Graphics: Very good art and animations. The fbf was very smooth, and almost perfectly implemented. This is the first flash i've seen with fbf LIGHTING effects. Not a small accomplishment by any means. :) Some of the tweens were a lil' bit sloppy, but this was during the funny sections, and it actually added to the humor. :)10/10

Style: The storyline is looking awesome, great graphics, swell voice acting. Need I say more? 10/10

Sound: The music suited the flash very well. The voice acting was also quite professional sounding, and the use of sound effects was just about flawless. 10/10

Violence: Guns and fighting, but nothing grisly. 2/10

Interactivity: Play button and link to the classic original. :) 6/10

Humor: Some of the lines and visual gags were pretty classy, but this flash had strong storyline elements in places, so it was pretty much part-adventure story, part-comedy. It's a great combination of storyline and humor, which is a big part of what makes this flash so l33t. :D 8/10

Overall: Instant classic. Though the daily2oons are over, this flash has earned them a place in flash history if you ask me. Even the daily2oon haters are bound to change their minds when they see this. When can we see it in theatres and on gaming consoles? :D 10/10



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3.43 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2005
7:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Review Crew Pick October 12, 2005
  • Daily 3rd Place October 8, 2005