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Daily2oon SE: Definitive

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Author Comments

Thought I'd submit this for Daily Day, since I doubt I'll ever finish the thing. This is girl 7 from '7 More Kisses'. Select an item of clothing and use the palette to adjust colour and transparency. Use the rotate buttons to cycle through five positions. Use the Save and Load panel (click the top arrow) to save up to 5 outfits. Try touching things.

Also included in this collection: the REJECTED Cat toon, and the ultimate API insulter.


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^^Good Points^^
Decent submission you have here. I liked the insult part of this, that had cool music and just a cool configuration. Also, Fred the Cat was pretty funny.

^^Needs Improving^^
The dress up game was rather random, didn't really have anything to do with the SS. Also, graphics all around, especially the menu weren't that good.

((( LOL )))

Well it was amusing thats what i know haha, no but really the DRess-up was notbad but could use more props and such, the "CAT" animation was sorta funny abit skow though, all n all the animations were cute and funny...

Add more clips with more action...

Funny and neat game, aswell as the animations...


interesting collection

Well the Dress up needed some more cloths in my opinion.
Plus the music was ok but I would have liked to to stop it. I like how you could otate the figure around and save different looks.
You should have added in a couple secret sounds, for the pervs.

Catshit Well at least you choose some good charcters to have the cat do his thing on. I would have liked to see the cat really let loose on each though, more than it did. Mabye even scractching and even ewait for the urinate part after the cat got off the head so it was right on target rather then it mostly missing.

Insult - I am sure you had most all the insults you could think of plus more in use, but really not much too it past the text, maybe if you had someone going down a list or something to go with it.

DefinitiveStar responds:

lol, the catshit was just adapted from some crappy animal walk cycle I did when I first got my graphics tablet

Please sir

Please host that insult generator so I can link good friends to it :)


the dress up game kinda scared me when i remembered who submitted this.

i like the API insulter IT'S ALWAYS FRESH!