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Daily2oon SE: F00D

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Oct 7, 2005 | 6:12 PM EDT

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  • Daily Day 2
    Daily Day 2 October 7, 2005 marked the second annual Daily Day celebration.

Author Comments

This is a collection of all of my daily2oons. To anybody who's seen all of my stuff before, I added nothing new :'(

But don't worry I'll have a solo daily2oon later on tonight with some original content. Anyways, hope you little Newgrounds people liiiiikkke itttttt
And if you hate it I don't care



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Your right

Anime was good back then now it jjust sucks ass pure ass. i love the down under one at the end though the subliminal message

f0d responds:

earth juice


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow, did you do all these, f00d?

Since there were so many good flashes by you in one single flash, I guess i'll take the liberty and review each one seperately...

~Down Under~

Ha, I really liked this one. It had a very catchy song, and the way you captured it as a flash, was priceless. The scary women saying the stuff from that song, and the guy's face was purely priceless. Not to mention the animation was very good, though the face was cropped, the lip-synching was surprisingly very good.


Yes, I agree 100 percent; anime is way too cheesy, and watching this was really speaking the truth, "Anime Sucks". Well the animations were pretty good, though the motion tweening at the end was too slow. Also, the voice-acting in it were done very well, that is they were pretty bad, but made good as a parody.


Ha, never really heard of antineopets, but I guess he's a faggot against the star syndicate. Well, this was a good parody, and really made me laugh. The animation was pretty good in this, and voice acting was done very cheesy, to show off the gayness of antineopets. Still, I think you could've made him look much more of a loser.

~Clock Day~

Meh, this was just a random clock day piece. Plus, this was submitted in October, so you missed Clock day by a good two months. Well, the animation wasn't bad, but there was too much motion tween, and was just short and a little pointless.

~New Jack~

This one was a very good parody. It had some funny and "gangsta" music. Well, this was a nice parody, and the things you said in the speech bubbles were pretty funny, and a little bit racist, but who cares =P Though the begining with the poster of it, when you zoomed in, it was pretty blurry.


This one was... pretty damn random, though the ending was very un-expected and I lolled a lot. Well, I liked the background, and the text at the top made me laugh. Also, the lip synching wasn't bad, and the three pics were pretty funny.


This was definetely one of your best pieces; the animation was very well done, everything was animated, from the people to the great backgrounds. Though the voices were done badly and didn't fit, that was the whole purpose and it was very hillarious. It was kind of like a little poem, and the ending was the cherry on top =P

Overall, this was a great collaboration of all your work, F00d. This is so good, I may forgive you for the death of teh Daily Toon >:((( I hope this review was helpful =P


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f0d responds:

thx sir great review


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Down under was awesome. I liked the sincing with the music and the raindrops in the beginning. The music was a very good choice and the graphics were great. Liked how you changed the dudes facial experssions every once in a while. This part was pretty funny. The anime part was pretty funny. I liked how you deliberately drew the girl with large breasts, since that is really characteristic of anime. The voice overs were good, but I didn't really like the script too much. The music was good also, nice choice, and I liked the little message at the end. The antineopets part was pretty funny too. I liked the voice overs and the sound effects. The last sound file he made for five star was really funny, and so was his last comment of "You are really gay you know that?". Good stuff. Clock Day wasn't amazing, but it was still pretty well done. It was well sinced with the music and had pretty good graphics. New Jack had pretty bad graphics, but the script was great and pretty funny. I didn't really like Actully, I didn't really understand it and the graphics weren't that great. I also didn't really like Please?. Though the graphics and voice overs were good, that part at the end was completely unecessary.

Overall this was an excellent collection of your work!

f0d responds:

Why thank you sir!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Oh well...

What can I say about these short movies of yours? They are all in the same style of the other Star Syndicate movies, which is not that good. However, i can tell you that you that your movies are a bit better than the rest of the SS movies. The clock movie was very good, a good style and graphics. The actully movie was nice, pretty funny in it's own way. the one with the Manga is good, It is very funny and the graphics is great. The one with the guy who hates the SS was also nice. However the rest of the movies were pretty crappy actually, but I am sure it is only because they were made for the SS. Anyway, nice movies, pretty good for Star Syndicate movies, good job.

f0d responds:

the only two that seemed to have a real star syndicate flavor to me was the "actully" one and the "please please please" one. the others i tried to make in my own style.

but anyways, yeah watch more SS movies, a lot of them are waaay better than anything i've ever made


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I laughed

Down Under - lol perfect
anime - Well once I saw where you were going, I actually was disapointed you should have lead the anime fans on more with the hentai. I do not care for hentai.
Antineopets - hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Clock day - Nice music
New Jack - Sorry this was a let down after the others.
Actually - I actualyl understood some of that.
Please - Please please please some b33r.
Well there were some good parts too this others were a let down.

f0d responds:

New Jack was the best one out of all of them