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Daily2oon SE: rexCo

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My daily day cartoon has over 9 MINUTES of hot content, grab some popcorn.

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^^Good Points^^
Well this looked pretty promising to me. There was a lot of content in this and a nice menu to go along with it. I have to say that I liked some parts of this movie more than others, but overall it was entertaining.

^^Needs Improving^^
A lot of these are just plain boring. Very repetitious and no menu button for when I get bored = not as good a score as you could get.

go go powerrr rangerrrrs

the reason why i gave a 10 was the main page was great and i like that "epic quest" movie and the "ferris bueller" movie,lol i remember a cd about the power rangers and it was out a long time ago,it was the origanile one,was that how you got the extended power rangers song,wells, overall a damn of a dandy of a collection

rexCo responds:

God I wish there more reviews for this art

Very well done

I really enjoyed this flash there was alot of stuff. I liked the hidden leet ghost cartoon too, what was that song from?

rexCo responds:

That's a Greenday song.