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Imagination Ep.2

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Yup, it's been about 2 months since I submitted Episode 1, and now I've finally finished Episode 2. I first making the flash like 3 days after I finished making the first, I gave up for a couple of months till about 4 days ago which is when I decided I had to finish Episode 2. So I got off my ass and finished it. And now my wrist hurts like hell from all that drawing. Well, it was definatly worth the pain if you ask me. I hope you enjoy it!


Episode 3 is on it's way! I'm half-way done! This time it's in color!

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I guess this was supposed to just be an experimental film with no real plot. That being said, it was hard to find anything particularly good or bad about it. I guess the animation transitions were pretty interesting especially with the clock at the beginning. I liked how you put the "Blam" thing in, as a sort of satire on flashes coming here. How ironic this would itself get such a high score. The music was okay, and if I could make suggestions, I would say have more things going on with more effects.

A good second outing.

You had me worried a little bit at first as the beginning was a little slow and generic with the face and such, but as the short went along, it was noticeable how the flow went a little more smooth. Your fluiditity is getting better by the episode. Keep up the good work!

Not as 'flowing' as #1.

The various sections did fit with the mood of the music - specially the rising angel.

Overall though, I felt this was weaker than the first. #1 was like a flowing stream of visual - pure stream of consciousness where nothing was 'held' for longer than a few seconds (other than the boy'devil).

In this, the slower start and end really weaken the whole animation.

And why have the music go on in its entirety after the animation? Yeah, it's a great piece of music but it feels sloppy. Instead, set it to stream, use a custom sound effect and have it fade out as the 'replay' bit appears.

The dynamite becoming a spider was kinda cool though.

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VegetarianMeat responds:

To each his own I guess, I like it when the music continues on once a film finishes :P

Thank you for the review :D


This was neat i love the music it really worked well and flowd well with the cute animation i did think this needed some color , or atleast a backround base, but overall i like dthe animation...

Add some color, some backrounds...

Fun animation could use some color though...


VegetarianMeat responds:

Thanks for the review :D I'm currently working on the next edition of this flash. This time it has color.

kool to the power of 4

super kool and i know who you are man i go 2 school with you and i am bald baisicly that narowws it down to 1 hahah jeremy

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4.40 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2005
4:58 PM EDT