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Daily2oon SE: britclock

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^^Good Points^^
Really the only good part about this was the odd picture of that woman that popped up, that caught me by surprise and was rather funny.

^^Needs Improving^^
The first part of the movie was just annoying. The music was rather annoying, and that "blowing into the mic" noise wasn't too attractive either.

((( LOL )))

Haha this was funny, made me laugh, it was very random with odd pictures and stuff but tends to be too random, more animation be helpful, and more structure aswell, but i was very entertained...

More of characters in one scenes, and less raandomness...

Funny and random animation...



"The movie itself isn't funny, though pissing off little faggots like you is." - Britclock

Well isnt that very mature of you?... and by putting your age as 80 i am guessing you're really only 14.

BritClock responds:

By putting your age as 70 i am guessing you're really only 9.


...ss = crap.

i seriously dont get why people think this is funny. they should be put in an asylum if they think this is...

BritClock responds:

The movie itself isn't funny, though pissing off little faggots like you is.


Good graphics, especially the loader and the su n and the clock dud

Style, yep


HUMOR, roflmao

BritClock responds:

If you listen carefully it's actually a small kitten having a heart attack. Funny stuff.