Daily2oon SE: Tremour

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This, ladies and gentlemen alike, is my submission for the ever exquisite event that is, of course, Daily Day 2.

This flash features an accumulation of all my previous D2 submissions, along with one, never before seen episode. This flash is epic in its entirity, I can assure you.

And just to say, there is a few sound problems with two of the flashes, which I can't for the life of me fix. So buck it up, and enjoy.

- Happy daily Day 2.



Well it was entertaining, and somewhat different from the last ones i saw of the series, the differrent random stuff was neat though, and i really liked what you did with the menue very neat indeed...

More clips, and more random-ness...

Fun and random wouldnt expect anything less lol...


theres alot of daily toons

the falsh daily day what explains why therees so many daily flash toon entries at once

you trying to take over newgrounds
well good luck with that lol


this is by far the most funny thing i have seen,well as in that i mean someone who put all of there daily2oon submissions in one big collection


the danger zone movie is why this is in my favorites now.

Destruction of Newgrounds

I see how it is. Your dissing newgrounds. Your trying to send piles of crap flash to try and blow up flash. To bad it won't happen. NG doesnt deside who gets blammed it's the people. You think yours is actually funny but in reality its crap and the people blam it.

Tremour responds:

Ohhh ho. Mr.Analytical. Well I must say, you sure have this one wrapped up in a nice little bundle. Yes indeedy.

Grow up, Sparky. You obviously "Don't see how it is" if you think this was in any way anti-Newgrounds. The flash was a bit of fun, not some metaphorical jab at the fine people of NG. I'm not trying to 'blow up flash', come on. This was a flash movie, not a fucking bomb. I know fine well it won't happen, mostly because it isn't intended to.

And thanks for informing me on how the portal works, you think I would have learned that in the two years I've been here longer than you.

Internet 101 : Don't take everything so seriously.

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1.51 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2005
11:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Original