KO Boxing

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Simple but sexy game inspired by Zebala's awesome roo girl, KO!
Polar bear Norris Pole spars with KO. He's being playful, but she's all business! If he can withstand her hail of punches, he gets to show her his favorite move!

Norris Pole (c) GSPervert - KO (c) Zebala

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Fun game

Fun boxing game, and i must say some good looking fighters very realistic and great desugn, good artist whoever did the drawings, as for the game, it was fun not so hard and not so easy but just right, a fun game...

You could make the cursur a boxing glove, and make stars when you hit the other guy, oh and i didnt hear any sound or even music thats a big no-no.. Good boxing game, nees some music and or sound/fx though


Where was the sound? I didn't care for this. It's not that I'm not into furries. Well, I'm not. Except for Rouge. Anyway, this was too short.

Well, it doesn't help that I was really bad at it. Congratulations on being the most viewed boxing game on the website! Well, there aren't too many of those. Still, this has a lot of views.

why are your game so hard

I beat the game without the cheat. Only 3 rounds.