KO Boxing

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Simple but sexy game inspired by Zebala's awesome roo girl, KO!
Polar bear Norris Pole spars with KO. He's being playful, but she's all business! If he can withstand her hail of punches, he gets to show her his favorite move!

Norris Pole (c) GSPervert - KO (c) Zebala

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i just suffer to defeat KO and the scene is a shit

For those who are sick of the shit, just right click and press play. You don't need to suffer anymore.

a classic


What makes this game such a pain, is the fact its more luck than skill. That's because there's no real set way to figure out KO's attacks. Her places to target are all random and if you want to dream of ever fucking her, you gotta survive 3 rounds of madness without replenished heath. To add to it all, she comes in quicker faster than your mouse can react.
A pain, but not unbeatable either.
If you are unfortunate, you'll end up in a match where KO's punches are almost always all over the place. If you are lucky, you'll get matches where she chooses to target one area for longer periods of time.
As a person who HAS managed to beat the game more than once, the best tip I can really give is to try and keep the gloves more towards the center while keeping a sharp eye on the punches. It's really the best way to counter KO's speed and random punches. The last thing you need to be doing, is chasing her glove all around the screen.
This game could use some music and sound effects. Also holding down the mouse for block wasn't really needed. This game doesn't give you any reason to stop blocking. It's not like you can fight back until her heath hits zero.