Milano Toons 011

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yay some people sent parts to help us out keeping it daily! If you want to help u can also send parts y'know.

If you're interested in joining the crew, www.MilanoCrew.com
If you'd like to send parts for Milano Toons, send your 550x400 24fps .flas to MilanoCrew@gmail.com



I can't believe there is an 11th episode on Milano Toons!

Mushroomboy 5 - That was the good movie about the yellow cherry eating a salad. (10/10)

Fat Badger - That was a cute one with a pink creature who carries the golden ring. (10/10)

Chair Attack Bitch/Evilberry Clock - That was a cute one with a dancing radio! (10/10)

Overall Rating: 30 out of 30! You guys did really a good job, and keep up the good work!

MilanoCrew responds:

In chair's it was a video tape, and he killed a radio star... it wasnt a radio..


i think i have seen every episode of this series that you made and every single time i feel like i wasted my time in the huge download just to watch three really bad drawings that just loop constantly... are you really proud that you put out 11 episodes of this shit?

MilanoCrew responds:

Yes I am. :D

great milano toon

lol, i liked chair`s flash the best,great way to finish a great milano toon,lol great music for main page,at first i just thought it was you or someone making a noise then leaving it on repeat,anyways the other flashes were also great,cept for fat badger`s,his was just ok,but ok is better than nothing

MilanoCrew responds:

OK then...


The music from "Fat Badger" doesnt stop after you go back to the menu. It just keeps looping as you play the other animations. There are some potentially funny situations here, just nothing done with them at all. Theyre all just a bunch of lame loops. At least you didnt have that stupid vending machine thing again.

MilanoCrew responds:

Fixed the music thing.

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3.30 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2005
6:05 PM EDT
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