June 27, 2000 –
October 16, 2018
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Find Elian and snap some photos!



but that wasn't a movie, just a buch of pictures, some of which were mildly funny, but most of which were not really entertaining at all.

Just a collection of edited Elian pictures

It was just clicking on buttons to see many different edited versions of that Elian Gonzales picture, most of which were very poorly done, the Sesame Street one was funny, but the rest weren't, this was pretty pointless really.

What the F*ck

What the F*ck is this suppose to be??? This was the most boring thing on this portal... How did come here??? The only hing here that was god was the sound... Everyting else can....

To hell with this!!...

ehm, what is this?
All I see is one pic altered every time...
pff... Completely boring by the way.

no,its been trashed too.

What do i got to do to make you put this shit back on again?I really want to see at least one of your movies,come on man!

Very good and funny!

My favorite picture was either the Pokemon one or the Marco Polo one!
Good job on the movie!

it was funny..

happy easter..was the best one IMO..

A ha ha ha!

Don't send me back to Cuba pweeez!?

Well different

That was different. I laughed at Star Trek Wraphrosy and cried with Trek Sex, and was shocked at this. keep up the work.

A crappy slideshow basically

You've collected 15 of the Elian pics from all over the web and made them into a slideshow type affair. Pretty mince really

<deleted> responds:

Go Eat Some Haggis You Wee Little Girl!

damn that's funny!!!

hey wolvie, great job. I was laughing so much!! I can't belive you thought of this. this is so damn original. I really like the simpsons, star wars, and pokemon one. I hope more of your stuff is as original as this.how did you make those pics?
photo shop?


Did you use photoshop on some o those pics?

I particularly like the easter and the star wars one. ^_^ gave me a chuckle.

hehe, plop

ok, this sorta kinda really did in my mind sucked! I had better hoped this was your first movie. Hey man, you even spelled his name wrong on the title! Elian, not Elain! Do you know how to pronounce his name? It aint Alien its EEElian! Why you be making fun of him?(coughdirtycubancough) o never mind my mindless shitless rambling. Work on this for a... while


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