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The Pickup Game

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Hope you all like this. I might do a bit more work on it though, so any constructive feedback is very welcome.
*** The server handling the THEGAME link (and highscore table) may be down, so until NG staff get a chance to upload the new version of this, you can get the lowdown at: http://www.easy2pull.com

*** apologies to all users with the flash 8 player - there was a strange conflict going on there that was a nightmare to track down. i know it looked like i just hadn't bothered to optimise things properly, but that just wasn't the case. i blame macromedia for releasing their first non backwards compatible player! anyway, should all be working now though ****

Also, might do a much ruder version if the audience is there for it. What d'you think? Let me know in the review bit.



I didnt like it

The mini game during the begginning of the game was awful. There was only openers and when I would get close to filling up the Love Bar the openers would be impossible to get because they on top of cheesy lines in Negative Insults.

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I couldn't beat it!

The plane thing pissed me off and it's so hard 2 move around

do not play this piece of shit

I can name 5 perfectly good reasons why you should not play this
1) Takes 2 fucking long
2) Bad Graphics (I mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
3) It Bores you 2 sleep
4) You can't even choose who you want 2 screw
5) SHE HAS A PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jking on that)


I spent almost an hour trying to pass this game...but just for a little push?

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decent game

it was too slow moving 4 me. good start though.

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Credits & Info

3.24 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2005
11:37 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating