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October 4, 2005 –
November 4, 2019
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I think her name was Jenny....hillarious!

Was that Bruce Wilis in the cast list? u realy should do a ricky ray movie for newgrounds and onw day live action....no screw that make a NG movie then a re-boot episode about the liveaction one like u did one and it was so bad no one saw it but now after seeing the episode they wish they had! the best part......If they are drunk or high enough they won't figure out u never made the live action one!

funny trailer......lol

hey man its v. funny,But isnt ricky's father voice is the same voice of that gay frodo
in episode 1??????

why dont make it?

ill hope you will make another movie!
haha forrest gump!


i loughed so hard to that. it was short but so damn funny!!!hahaha


it was short but damn funny.i agree with the review under me.


Thats the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I've watched all of your work but this tops it. That was fucking halarious.



That was so Funny

I wish this could be a real movie but it won't so thats that. I love the about the sister making out. :)


you really should make that movie (or did you?)


i luv that movie

It was good.

What I said up there.

Well, surely

it's some funny shit. Please make the movie.

yeah, i think her name was jenny

u totally need to make a movie it would be awsome


I like all of your animations.
But I like Foamy :P


that wasgood, u should actually mave a full movie.

good trailer

i thought that i would go and view all your past flashes. and it would have been a good one if i didn't find them so late. oh well. it's still very good though.


Nice work! I liked it! It was funny and it was very well animated I liked that. Keep it up buddy!

very well played

wasnt expecting that.... at the end you have a small typo... (strong sexual content) other than that i loved it

((( HAHA )))

Haha good audio, and even better characters, showing lots of effort and skill on the design with great shadowing and detail, the audio was funny and the expression on the faces was very good and realistic, maybe at the end have the gump character run and scream or something haha, anyways good work and nice detail....



hahaha ;) that was pretty funny dude ;)

that was short and altogether pointless

i mean, the loader was long, but was it all in vain? it wasnt all that funny.


Oh My God! I was laughing myself silly, I loved that trailer, if it was a real movie god damn I'd watch it all the time! Loved it "Oh and I think her name was Jenny" ahahahahahahahahahaha!


- H4PpYD3v1L


that is some sweet shit,if it was a wreal movie that be even shitier,
in a good way

Funny, but pointless...

I gave you a 9 overall because it was kinda pointless. Why make it a "fake" movie trailer? Why not make it a trailer to a movie that looks really promising and fake. It looked a little like you just cared for how it looks on real movies - which kinda seems to me you may have a bit too much time on your hands. No one cares about how you got the font at the end to look almost exactly like the real movie. We care about the content inside, and that was funny as hell!

A film for all ages

if it existed...cough...

*wipes away tear*

What a touching story. I'd pay ten bucks to see it in a theater... well, if it were an actual movie. Awesome work!

LOL that was great

LOL...great job..make more


Lol. This was awsome. Really good work.


this is fucking genius

Great humor

HAHA not much 'bout the sisters doin' it... coz it's gross, well then! it was hillarius! I should share this one!

that was truly worth it

this was a great flash film and it was also funny to share.

short...but nice

make it longer..make the movie!...that would be cool...(u can skip the sexual scenes...that could make it too mutch work that just gives u porn-intrested watchers)...hell do a nice movie about those 2 talking...or that guy going around telling difrent ppl it (maybe the sisters mom or something)
still...good work my friend :)

I like this a lot.

That's a good funny short. Pretty much spot on.

Why only 7? Because I'm a hard ass, that's why.

Awesome! when in theaters???

u should take this trailer (maybe be a fake but oh well) and make a full blown movie out of it... awesome idea


Make a real movie!

That was jokes

LOL, even Forest Gump wasn't dumb enough to understand what he was saying. That was bare jokes, i mean i could picture it happening, lol. I like the background, how did u make the backgroun like dull and cool? the charactes look good and if this film was out i would buy it. keep it up.

too short

make longer flash :P
besides that, it was ok


Looks sweet, sounds sweet. Good job man, nice work. Make more...


Very funny, and great graphics. The forest gumb setting is great, Make more of these , like these. :)

all 0 zeros

Awesome. this is what I like movies with creative vthought other then senseless violence.Great Idea!!!!!!

Gave a 5
was to lazy to actaully put thought into the gay rview rateing system


Great mini-spoof of Forrest Gump. Look forward to more flashes from you in the future.

lol that was great

yo, for all the ppl who dont kno who jenny*the so-called sister* is Forest Gump's girlfriend

ha ha ha!!!

Oh that was tooooo funny! I loved it... keep up the good work, you should make one of those for like a whole wack of movies!


that was really fucken funny especially when he said her name was jenni...LOL that was great good job the graphics were awsome

Was a bit short.

However it was hilarious. Well done graphics.

That was good

The animation was nice and it was pretty funny. I hope to see some longer movies by you in the future.

that my friend is what id like to call a perfect

that was perfect the only way tht could not make the front page is thats its a preview other wise you got fp down for sure outstanding job


nice, hope to see more


that was hilarious

run forest, run!

Really Funny

I know it is a trailer for a fake film. But maybe you can actually make a real movie of it. It would be even better.


I can't rate this because it's only a tralier, but the animation was good, to say the best. The actual movie should be good


Funny stuff man

HEll Yeah

I hope you make the movie to this one it was funny cant wait

it was cool but...

dont waste your time with trailers, just do the damn movie

Although it was too short...

it is pretty funny and well drawned.


if that was a preview ,i dont want to know what the final is going to look like



I liked it...

It was really nice...


ahh ripping on forest gump never gets old, cant wait to see the whole fake movie.

I laughed I cried

I wanted more! Nice work truthfully, although i diddnt like the shortness, i know it says "fake" trailer, but heck, with some work you could turn it into a short little movie, nicely done


OMFG that was so funny. the ending too lmfao keep it up!@


lol i would see that movie.


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