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Blockhead: Episode 2

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Blockhead, Episode 2: Home Shopping

Blockhead masters the art of tele-shopping. Now, introducing Tongs.

Watch Episode 1:

Also, I'm glad that Blockhead has had some appeal with you Newgrounders. If a comic with no violence and no profanity can be funny, then the world could also explode at any time. So, while you're being careful out there, be comforted or discomforted with the knowledge that Blockhead will be returning often.

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Ngl this is wholesome

The not theming literally of orderliness lined again to watch the TV only.

This is a good series. Why did it stop?

It's interesting to see a series with so few characters. There's literally no recurring characters except Blockhead and his conscience. Well, I think some civilians appear later. They don't have names. Then again, neither does Blockhead's conscience. He's at least recognizable.

I knew those wouldn't be tongs. How'd he get cable? At first, I thought he looked like a happy face. In the scene where he bits the box he looks like Pac-Man. I guess both Pac-Man and happy faces look similar.

I grew up to your works, Swain, I feel old :/