Shoot Nobby Parker!

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Come on, shoot Nobby Parker! He's a nob!


i really liked it

so kwl its the best flash of the year!

well....this is pretty....gay

I think my house pet can come up with something better......oh look a nice pile of crap! Now thats worth more of my time then this flash!


yeah, it DID piss me off. this is not a flash, but an ad.

Ken Ken Ken....

When will you learn that the only thing that you are going to get out of shamelessly advertising for your crappy pop-up blocker site is your own personal hate club. One day you'll wake up, go onto your pop-up free Newgrounds account, and find that all the reviews say, "We're coming for you Ken!". In a panic you'll run to your window and find that all of Newgrounds is waiting outside for you, carrying torches and pitch forks. You'll try to escape but the mob has already surrounded your house and lit it on fire. And the last thing that will go through your mind before you're swept up in a fiery inferno is, "Maybe I should have learned how to make decent flash, not that mindless talentless crap that I tried to pass off as real flash". So ken for your own comfort, and prolonged existence, stop making flash.


that was really exciting, the dancing really went with the music and that ending was so surprising i would never guessed it.

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1.15 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2001
12:26 PM EDT
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