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FWA - Squirrel

rated 3.23 / 5 stars
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Oct 3, 2005 | 5:02 PM EDT

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Author Comments

My first flash animation. Done with a mouse over the period of a week. Original files are gone but comments are always appreciated!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's only fair

You reviewed my movie, so i'll review yours.

Very good first flash. Blows my first flash out of the park. Although when I submitted my first flash I was like 13 and a bit of a dumbass. Anyways this was funny and to the point, the way I like it. It's too bad that you havn't created anything else in all the time that's passed. I'm sure you could do great stuff...

Aight well nice short! xD

TheDevilMyself responds:

haha yeah, i got really inspired there for a while and got about halfway through before i stopped being so excited. The best part is always previewing it, though - all the way through the process i at least chuckled when the squirrel shot the bird - that's when you know it's at least worth one view to the populace :-)

I'm working on a collab with a few other people right now - actually my part is done adn on Newgrounds Alphas right now if you want to see it - the whole thing will be out soon! We're just waiting on one person. My skills have improved somewhat with my purchase of a graphics tablet - and when i say somewhat i mean you can hardly tell it's by the same person, except in fbf style.

Animation's not my strongest artistic talent, really - i do well with digital paintings but don't really have the patience for them most of the time (same thing goes with animation) and i do graffiti, which i <I>am</i> rather good at. Online i make websites for the most part and there's where my computer talents have gone these years - just starting another site too... a graff one, go figure.

My first first flash was just the intro to this one, and it got blammed, of course. Everyone's allowed an idiot moment for their first :-)

Thank you for your thoughtful and honest review!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Hshs ok well while that was short i was very funny, and some very smooth animation, the characters were very small, but i guess they have to be, i would think about making the flash abit longer, maybe even more scenes and such, anyways nice job, keep it up...

Make it longer and more scenes, or I would suggest to improve on the flash short you could add more shorts and put them all on one flash instead of just the one, but having alot in one flash would make it more entertaining, and make the flash longer with more to see...

A short short, but very funny and entertaining, could use more scenes though...


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TheDevilMyself responds:

Thank you for your critique! It was right on. I wish i could go back and fix things, but due to a hard drive crash the original project file was lost. I've started toying around with more animating and am definitely keeping in mind the length of the projects i am working on. As i mentioned, the squirrel project was my first foray into the world of flash animation and lo, it will not be the last.

I'll be back.

Multiple shorts probably would have been the end fate of this project were it to have continued - hell you never know it may still - there was a whole storyline i was working out in my head involving some sort of rivalry between birds and squirrels - seems almost childish now, but it would be fun!

Again, thanks for the in depth critique of my poor little short! Keep up the good work!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

that was great

At first it looked like this cute little innocent squirrel, then he turns kick-ass, can't wait to see more o yur movies.

TheDevilMyself responds:

Glad you were entertained - it's my style of humor, so we'll see what i've got in store when i get off my lazy ass and do something!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


hehe that was cool

TheDevilMyself responds:

So hot it's cool?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

very hillarious

uhh yep verry hillarious coulda been longer but o well its a funny short lol the big music change was funny . nice graphics too and the blood splatter looked cool .but now im afrid of squerlls :(

TheDevilMyself responds:

hehe FEAR THE SQUIRREL!! They're just TOO innocent i think...