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Yes, Flash 8 is required as it is with just about every other Flash these days. For the lazy, download at http://www.macromedia.co

This is what I made fiddling around with Flash 8 a little bit every day for about 2 or 3 weeks. It isn't just another idiotic guide to Newgrounds. In fact, it's the exact opposite of what you should do on Newgrounds.

So vote however you want. Yes, I did not ask for 5's. Stop looking at me that way. Is it necesary that every flash artist asks for a five? Really, stop looking at me that way! .... though a 5 would be nice.

And I apologize in advance for my proper grammar. It's a bad, bad, habit.

If you really have no life, try zooming in and reading the newspaper.

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Review: Actually nice. However the blobs are funny, try to replace them with human beings. Also i agree with the review under this one. The flash with the stickman walking all around was better than my first creation. Because i had a guy MELTING (never submited, of course).

Secret: When you actually see the titles or however they are called at that newspaper, pause the movie (button in top right corner), zoom in two times, and then read it all if you are bored.


Well, It's good. The newspaper shows some good effort, and the overall video was good.
But... It ended a little too quickly, in my opinion. Maybe you could make a sequal to this.
... Just a surgestion.


It was decent...

Very nice,

You get an 8 just for the newspaper. Reading that was the best part. The rest was good too though.

((( FUNNY )))

Lol this was funny especialy the "CIRCLE" like characters, the narating voices was funny, i would think that its self explanitory to go onto any site and learn as you go along, im sure you yourself had the same issues as anyone else when you first came to the site...

Maybe better graphics...

A simple humor on newgrounds idiots i supose...