Voyage Of Odyssues

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This was a school project.

UPDATE: for all of you saying "not enough story in it" "the story is a lot longer than that" etc, for the prject i was only to do 4 parts of the story.. the trojan war, the cyclopes, Circe, and when he becomes king



it was ok but add speech i didn't understand the story at all

((( I LIKE THIS )))

This was cool, i think i liked it more for the story then anything else, it kinda just ended as i was getting into it, so i do hope you make more to this or like it, lots of nice stuff with this one, keep up the good work...

Make more of this please...

Neat story, very welldone in my opinion...


cool one

nice school project you got here. i know a lot of people might be confused without the story to it, but since i took a few history courses... i know a lot about the Trojan war and ancient Greece. the graphics in this one were cool, though could've been upgraded a little bit. very informative and stuck to actual facts too. overall, it was pretty good.

good, for a school project

This flash has some serious faults.
1.no speech or sounds, just music
2.since there is no speech, most people wont get the story
3.the animation was bad, but ive seen a helluva lot worse

Not badly done, but there is room for improvement.

I liked the overall concept of this movie. The begining scene from the Illiad was exceptional. Well done!

However, some of the later scenes were lacking. The running scene was very awkward, i think maybe the girl should have run to him as well.

In addition, you had the trimenes sailing backwards. The eyes were at the front to give the impression of a giant sea monster moving toward you.

The cyclops scene was another high point in the movie.

Overall, I liked it. Keep making more and improving your movies.

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2005
3:28 PM EDT