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DEMO-3 levels pe ship except moonbeam, 7 levels overall.
Yea Sorry about the last one, i made it in flash MX and just upgraded so i needed to change the code to Actionscript 1 with flash 6 so yea sorry it didnt work the first time...hopefully it will be fine now, aside a few minor glitches.... left up right and down are move cntrlis shoot and if ur the big orange one space shoots the second gun by the way... enjoy



nice job...good game!!!

Better than the last one

This was a lot better, but why don`t you try to make better graphics and add other modes?
I hope i gave you ideas

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Not a bad start,

It's way too easy. All you have to do is hold down ctrl and move back and forth. Make it harder, and make the area larger or the ships all smaller. Also add background music, and some harder enemies. Change the color of enemy fire to be distinctive, as well.

Keep at it

A couple of suggestions from one game maker to another: Music. You're missing it completely. Graphics. More detail would boost your score up immensely. Game Play. As far as I can tell, there's not a whole lot of challenge in the department of puzzles. Shooting games are better when there's traps, mazes, things of that nature. But maybe if I had played longer I would have seen some of this?

((( FUN GAME )))

Fun game and nice options with the different choices of ships, i did think the game needs much more "SOUND/FX" like when the ships rockets are going its just silent for that part, the game did seems abit laggt, maybe too much detail is the reason, anyways fun game...

Make it less laggy, and add more sond/fx even some music would be neat...

Fun scrolling fighter game, needs more sound/fx...


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3.72 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2005
4:24 PM EDT
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