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feel it lick it suck it fuck it jerk it tease it rub stiffen it touch it hold it ram it love it grab it shove it plug'n'play it squeeze it kiss it pump it eat it ride it screw it lube deepthroat it

'nuff said. This movie is a spoof of a well known ad. For the nearly illitterate people who don't know french, I'll explain the puns: Zob is a slang word for cock. iZob would thus be something like "iRod" in english. Burnes means "balls" and sounds quite a bit like the english word "tune". Hence the obvious pun. "Bite" ( you say it "beet" ) is another slang word for cock, turning 20 gigabytes in 20 gigadicks.

Now this deserves obviously a 15 in humor, doesn't it ? :)

Hope you like it. It wasn't as painful in the ass to do as "every sperm is sacred" since it's much shorter, but it took a lot of time to do, I am sure you'll notice there's a lot of fbf in that.

PS: I also did the music myself, since lots of people hated me last time because I used a song I did not compose. I mean, really, what did I think at that time ?!

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I found this on my favs from 2006. This may be the most high quality animation in 2006, lol. I don't understand what I thought was so funny, but 3.5/5 anyway.


man that was a small cum shot


This was fucking awesome.
I kinda want this song just to put on my computer and M:ROBE
and to show off to my friends, lol.....

Oh I get it

Its a male organ. So strange, you humans and your infatuations with male genetalia.

((( LOL )))

Ok this made me laugh, the colors were cool, just like the real comercials, but i must say the character was abit disturbing what with the character design and all hehe, funny stuff though...

I would leave it as is it was funny...

A disturbing character but very funny and amusing flash...


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3.72 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2005
11:52 AM EDT