Sock Episode 3

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Part 3 of my experimental "Sock" series. Once again it's based on my dreams. It's full title is "10 Different Types Of Soup". You may find it confusing, but then dreams ARE confusing.



I needed that. Very weird. It didn't make much sense either. But of course I suppose dreams don't have much literal sense anyways. I was wondering whether you were dead or something. Anyways congrats on joining the Newgrounds crew. I just hope that it doesn't affect your movies. I've seen it far too many times that when a flash artist is provoked with money and things can get ugly, even if they are talented at flash entertainment. A good example is illwillpress. Quality is always better than quanity, and you remember that damnit.

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I liked it


A man keeps stealing my soup to give to his dog and I like soup but I can't keep making it 'cuz he just steals it.

That was classic.


There was this sort of inbetweenish randomness phase that you were going through that started at "The Child that Smelt Funny" and went all the way up to "Ptikobj". Alot of the cartoons that you made in that period seemed tired and to lacked direction all togeather... But here, the randomness is so obscure that it creates something really beautiful and direct underneath it. you have brought back that wonderful spark that was in so many of your previous cartoons... The best animation I have seen in a very long time. Thank you.


tbh I kind of agree with the guy who said dont fall into the habit of making crap just because you have a fan base. I mean dont get me wrong.... its ok, but its just not really good is it man , I've been on your website god knows how many times, I'm a fan of your work but its just not cutting the mustard this time. Theres loads of stuff exactly like this on your website that never made front page because you wernt renowned enough then. Flash artists should always make their new piece of work better than their last witch you have done a few times but unfortunately not this time. Cmon man the people do expect more from you man,

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Oct 1, 2005
1:14 PM EDT