Sock Episode 3

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Part 3 of my experimental "Sock" series. Once again it's based on my dreams. It's full title is "10 Different Types Of Soup". You may find it confusing, but then dreams ARE confusing.



You've done it again, Mr. Firth.

loved it....halarious

good stuff....

Best Sock ever.

This flash is the best of the "Sock" series. Ptikobj was also pretty good. I liked the confused-sounding voices of Josh, his brother, and the woman. The little song that the dog-guy sang was cool. Also liked the backwards talking for "Apparently that never happened." The dark fire was an awesome idea. Go Firthy, your stuff is the best.


Holy Jesus..I would hate to spend a day in your mind.

As always, great animation and originality. Disturbing yet Immaginative; Nauseating yet Wonderful.

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danmit dave u stole my word cunfuzzeld...

lol the socks were the un needed humor relieaf but they were scary in a funny way.. lol any way ive seen all flashes liked em all there all pretty much scary (love horror going to halloween horror nights!)this one was just as disturving as ever truley a master piece of many from you i wonder if theres going to be a salad finger 7...there better be...or some more of the ooo what was it called the one with the man on the roof with that crow that screechs strangly and talks to him o and wear he spits in a bear's brain this one happend to be very good though with the voices and the un needed humor with your usuel horror style o and im gona sue you for stealing my favorite word.. cunfuzzeld ~~~--S1-1@d0w Wolf1

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Oct 1, 2005
1:14 PM EDT