Sock Episode 3

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Part 3 of my experimental "Sock" series. Once again it's based on my dreams. It's full title is "10 Different Types Of Soup". You may find it confusing, but then dreams ARE confusing.


Thats not what I expected at all..?

I've never seen any of these before when I saw the title I expected "Sock People" like socks? feet? you know.. sock puppet things.. so I was like wth?? anyway the dudes eye was messed up so it looked funny.. the rest was just stupid they all sounded the same.. I cant make movies and stuff but I know a good one when I see one :)

get a sense of humor man

it was one of the stupidest flashes i ever saw i didnt understand a fucking thing


I liked the animation, the graphic style was fantastic, too bad that it was a gigantic turd on the face of Newgrounds. The plot didn't make any sense, it was boring, and it didn't really have any point at all. I don't know if this is an attempt to act crazy or something, but it doesn't make you look cool.

this was just disturbing

u must have some mental isues cuz u live in a world of darkness and violence. get some help man! But then again i couldnt do any better so u deserve some credit. sry if i was a bit harsh. :|


Man I dont know what u want to tell us with that movie, but for my point of view it is just shit!

Specialy this part when this dickhead smashes the head of the girl... do u have personaly this kind of thougts?
Man go to ure nearest psychologist and check out ure head for a cancer...

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2005
1:14 PM EDT