SW: Sith Confrontation

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Edited: Hey this is old stuff already. Check out the remake in my profile :)
Note: This is made when i first learn flash and its pretty horrible. I kept it here so you all can see how much I'd improved. I'll recommend you all to watch Sith Confrontation 2 instead. Thanks.

This is just an animated version of Star Wars Episode 3 scene where Mace went to arrest Darth Sidious. Its not really a comedy or some serious stuffs, and the sound production not done that perfect... But its mine first animation and a couple months of hardwork... So pls don expect that much and pls enjoy it... If it gone well then maybe i'll carry on other scenes as well... hope u people like it.


Twas ok

I loved the tralier but this video didnt really stick to the story line.
But i liked it any way

Very Good.

This was a very good show. *Applause*
It didn't stick to the real story but oh well, good enough.

That was good but....

I just dont like characters who had too big head and small legs and other body... But it was good anyway, im waiting part 2 :)

it was ok

it was good , except for u should of made them talk and fisto doesnt die that way but wtv...

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Xennethy responds:

yea, i shld made them talk but im not gonna edit them, because the remake is coming soon~ Dun miss it. :)
ANyway, i dun want to copy entirely from the movie, if not whats the point of making this paraody. In the remake, well, they will die very very differently.


good but let me tell you. you made chancellor palpatine unstopable. He isn't that excellent fighter in the real movie. And mace was too rubbish in your movie. please make him better in the next chapter.

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Xennethy responds:

Well, *spoilers*, but palpatine is gonna get double the power in the remake. While he gets more powerful, the jedi will be also be more powerful than what u seen here.

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4.12 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2005
4:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody