SW: Sith Confrontation

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Edited: Hey this is old stuff already. Check out the remake in my profile :)
Note: This is made when i first learn flash and its pretty horrible. I kept it here so you all can see how much I'd improved. I'll recommend you all to watch Sith Confrontation 2 instead. Thanks.

This is just an animated version of Star Wars Episode 3 scene where Mace went to arrest Darth Sidious. Its not really a comedy or some serious stuffs, and the sound production not done that perfect... But its mine first animation and a couple months of hardwork... So pls don expect that much and pls enjoy it... If it gone well then maybe i'll carry on other scenes as well... hope u people like it.


A really good Star Wars flash

I know this has been here for a while but it's still a great star wars flash.

Best sw flash since the second sc

It was swwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! i loved it! i think everybody else will too. But..... honestly.... Why did kit fisto have to die???

:) thumbs up for me!

I liked it

I love the starwars series and I never will stop loving it as long as I'm alive and I thought the flash could be a little bit longer'

((( DECENT )))

This was ok, i was more impressed with the "CHARACTERS" and the detail, as for the actual battle there should have been more to it, maybe make it more longer into a movie, you did have some really good characters though...

More longer but save some file size if you can...

Starwars cant get any better then that...


Better than the original.

Better than the first. It was okay at best. But something didn't totally pull me in. I'm gonna have to mark this as average.

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4.12 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2005
4:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody