SW: Sith Confrontation

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Edited: Hey this is old stuff already. Check out the remake in my profile :)
Note: This is made when i first learn flash and its pretty horrible. I kept it here so you all can see how much I'd improved. I'll recommend you all to watch Sith Confrontation 2 instead. Thanks.

This is just an animated version of Star Wars Episode 3 scene where Mace went to arrest Darth Sidious. Its not really a comedy or some serious stuffs, and the sound production not done that perfect... But its mine first animation and a couple months of hardwork... So pls don expect that much and pls enjoy it... If it gone well then maybe i'll carry on other scenes as well... hope u people like it.


It deserves to get through.

The thing that bothered me the most was that, although there were text balloons, you couldn't hear what they were saying. If you have mic you might want to change that for your future submissions. Overall, it was good. The graphics were decent for your (probably) first flash. So, keep it up!

I liked this a lot!

I loved the clean line style of your characters and the 'flip' animation suited them very well. Even the graphics on the intro screen were crisp and pleasing. As you said in your blurb tho, the story didn't really know which way it was going... and a pity it's Star Wars again, which has now been done to death (I should talk - my first submission was Star Wars based!) . So a seven then, but if you came up with an original story in the same style with the same look I'd be scoring much better. Putting you on my favourites so I can watch your future submissions, good luck!

Good work here.

Interesting animations, while not very smooth, very noticably well done.

Pretty interesting, decent lenght.

Nice work.

THIS was awsome

is this your first movie? if so you have a talent for flash, if not it was still good i hope this makes it through the portal and maybye into the collection.

Could be better

You should add sound, the fact that I can't hear them speaking hurts the style and the sound... I also think that you should work on the graphics a bit more, and improve the script a bit. I like the fighting part.

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4.12 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2005
4:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody