Operation Five Chapter 1

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Operation Five Chapter One - The Revolution Begins

Magic Clock demands a huge change in the Clock Crew, in order to build a better community. New laws are enforced and breakage will result in imprisonment. But things soon start to go wrong...

Work on Operation Five began in June 2005. Equipped with Flash MX 04 and Photoshop, I have produced my biggest movie yet. Since, I have touched it up with Flash 8. The events portrayed in this movie are a literal representation of real Clock Crew events.

Clock or not, I hope you enjoy this film. Vote fairly...

- Movie is 5 minutes long approx
- Work has taken nearly 5 months
- Extras include: Movie Trailer, "A Note From Brit"
- Strawberry Clock is the King of the portal


Ok ...

It was good ... Had an actual story meaning and everything .. Pretty good ...

P.S. --- Soil kicks ass!


This movie was awesome! Why did you say it sucks? It's really awesome. And I love your style.

that was awesome

that was a great movie. I can't wait til the second one comes.

You are one of the best animators that still remains in the clock crew today <3

Very good!

The clock crew could sure use more guys like you brit. You are one of the more talented artist in the crew that i have seen. This movie was the best clock submission i have seen in a while. You took the elements of some great clock movies (ie animating style, storyline) and made them original. It was impressive how you did this, we can relate the story to real life stories, i guess one would be the Holocaust. Anyways heres my review.

The graphics were awesome man, truely one of the more skilled animators in the crew. You took the typical smooth, refined styles of the clock crew animators and made them your own, with a bit of a fade on the outline on the drawings. I found those looked really cool. The colours were also pretty awesome, typical clock crew greatness. The style of this movie awesome, not just because of he animating style. The idea and storyline was really nice, and also very well presented. The great clock movies usually have a solid story to go along with them. The sound was awesome too, not only the voices but other things as well. I liked the effects that you had with the voices like the echoe when pineapple was talking. The sound effects were cool and same goes for the music.

Overall this was an awesome movie, with lots to offer to anyone looking for a good movie, and even more so clock fans. I hope the next episode is as good as this one was...way to go!
~Two Thumbs Way Up. 5/5

SmigeFlash responds:

Thanks for the motivating review! Part 2 will be out next year :D

Good Job

A job well done Brit,5 4 U

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Sep 30, 2005
3:07 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place October 1, 2005